Charmland struggles in the wake of Blackknot controversy

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Today, Charmland USA Resort debuted a new social media campaign calling on friends and fans of foliage everywhere to show their support for the troubled park. The strategy is likely a response to increasing negative controversy and continued protests by the TreeHuggers United group.

See more on the Charmland Facebook page.

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Oh no! This is "knot" the news I needed from Charmland!

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I thought that Blackknot's effect on Charmland was pretty minor. I thought their poor performance was due to them not adding attractions while their competition built a bunch of new E-ticket rides.

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What will become of Lighty the Lamppost and all the little bulbs?

Was actually checking out Charmland's FB page the other day when the park got mentioned in the Rollback...

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The far greater controversy facing Charmland is the recent local legislation that gives vendors the right to refuse sales to Evergreens due to "religious beliefs."

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Well, at least they'll still get business from Regulus.

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It is a cap ex problem. Lighty the Lamppost is just so outdated. They need to replace Lighty with LED the Light. LED is both brighter and taller than Lighty, in addition to using less resources. This will appeal to both regular park guests and the Treehuggers. Regular guests will be dazzeled by the brightness while Treehuggers can rejoice at the minimal use of resources. This should give a big attendance boost.

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I heard SwingHawk is sinking.


I'm leaving Coasterbuzz, you 'shant here from me again until I post a trip report about how my Indiana trip went. I've NEVER seen a topic that has ripped us asunder in the way that "Political Correctness" has. The last time are nation was this dived was in the mid 1800s, when a little subject called "slavery" got everybody 'POed at each other. Who knows, we might be headed for ANOTHER "Civil War", and this time it may possibly involve the use of "Weapons of Mass Destruction". On the other hand maybe we NEED to become two SEPARATE nations, just as what happened to India after World War II (The Islamic regions became Pakistan (and later Bangladesh) while the Hindu region became modern India. It's obvious that the issue of same-sex marriage has once again resulted in a situation where you have two groups who SIMPLY DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER! All the arguing in the world won't sway the opinion of either side, So I'll be gone for a while. In the meantime I'll be praying for all of you. May God Bless You!

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Regulus said:

I'm leaving Coasterbuzz, you 'shant here from me again...

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Wow. Those Christian Extremists want Civil War? Just because gay people want the same rights as everyone else? They sure are a creepy bunch of people. I don't think Jesus would want Civil War, would he? lol

I don't think I've laughed so hard about the whole gay thing in years.

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Good bye.

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Great. The nation was dived, and I missed it.

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It was only 2008, not *that* long ago.

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Wait, weren't we talking about Charmland? What has happened to Coasterbuzz?

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Yes, it must be April, as Charmland has once again reopened the ongoing slavery debate....

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