Charge reduced for accused in Cedar Point bomb scare

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Man accused of inducing panic will be charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct instead after leaving a coffee can used to demonstrate the look of an improvised explosive device outside of his car at Cedar Point. The bomb squad was called to destroy the coffee can.

Read more from The Sandusky Register.

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Is this how we treat our military service men? All charges against him should be dropped. He's clearly explained his side of the story and it completely makes sense. There was no harm intended and there never was any potential for harm and thus all charges should be dropped. If anything this coffee can serves to save lives not hurt them.

The article states "It was the equivalent of a coffee can."

The alleged bomb in appearance was simply a coffee can. The police blew this way out of proportion. If a soda can falls out of my car into the parking lot are the police going to be called because of a suspected bomb?

Shame on the Sandusky police force, the district attorney and Cedar Point! Something is seriously wrong in America when we charge individuals with a crime in situations like this. If I were the district attorney all charges would be dropped.

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Nah, I think the article states the alleged bomb was the equivalent of a coffee can (meaning in harmfulness), but it's appearance was that of a bomb sans the wires and phone. I don't think they were wrong for taking the necessary precautions at the time.

But I do agree that there seems to be no need to charge this man now that the misunderstanding has been explained and I presume supported by fact. The disorderly conduct charge is about all they have the ability to charge him with at this point.

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It has no mention of WHY he traveled with it. Normally people clean out their trunks before a road trip (he had luggage). I would think that you would leave that sort of stuff at the office, or backyard cabin where he hangs out.

I guess he missed the pages "would the owner of a car with the plate # please report to Guest Services with your hands up". Also, is he an accredited expert, or is he running ads in Soldier of Fortune magazine? This article has some gaps.

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