Chapultepec anyone?

I've always wanted to go there. This ride looks dang ferocious:

I know the 'racer' was neutered a few years ago, but always had a reputation as bein a balls to the wall ride.

And they have an old school shuttle! What more could you ask for?

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I was there in Aug 2000...unfortunately the woodie was closed for maintenance. Looks even more impressive in person tho. I also visited SFM...nice looking park but man Medusa was a POS.
Love the blue and yellow. should be a solid ride; its a schwartzopf.
I was there last year, a few weeks before Dreier Looping opened there. Looked really well; the new paint job was well worth it.

It was a great ride at Flamingoland even with the awful four point restraints, and my understanding is those were removed in Mexico.

Oh. those happy Mexicans!
I loved Dreier Looping and rode it like mad during the 13 years it was on tour in Germany. I actually spent so much money on it, that I feel I own a part of it ;)

I think its a far better ride than Thriller and Olympia Looping. It has this great first drop that doesn´t end in a loop and it is very fast, wild but still enjoyable and all this with lap bars!

The new paint looks wonderful and its good to know that they operate it without those stupid harnesses. It just flies through its course.

Good to know that one of Antons best creations has been saved.

I was there when I was 12 and again at 14. I got to ride la Montana Russa before it's sergury and I have to say, as impressiver as it looks, I was a little dissapointed. There was very little air time. The trains slowed a lot at the crests of the hills.
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Damn! I like it!
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Mobius woodie (The only other Vaszin I've ridden was Frontier City's, and it was quite good), plus 2 Antons and SFM right down the road? Might be a good thing I got my passport just recently, huh?
More proof that old Schwarzkopfs don't die, they just retreat to Central/South America.
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Hopefully Zonga/Thriller will be resurrected soon.

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^ Hopefully in TJ. ;)

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