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Friday, February 23, 2001 5:45 AM
What if....Six Flags Worlds of Adventure moved the waterpark and kiddy park over to the marine side. This
would create more space for traditional amusement rides especially coasters. Also, the water park and
kiddyland wouldn't scare the animals like the bigger rides would. Also, the ex-sea world side would be more
of a family-friendly place. The ex-Six Flags, ex-geauga lake side will have more room to expand.

Maybe they can build a ferris wheel and an observation tower on the marine side too. Also, a train/monorail
system around the whole lake would be really cool and easy on the feet. What if they purchased more
ferries and had a ferry across the lake to the other side. That would kind of be like Euclid Beach and Cedar
Point used to be with the ferries from Cleveland.

What about this for a crazy idea. A giant giga coaster that starts in bainbridge and crosses into aurora, but
instead of turning around and going back to Brainbridge, it will conitnue through ex-sea world underground
in a tunnel. A tunnel for so long would be boring, so maybe have tunnels that start underground then have
a small bunny hop hill and go back underground without the trains ever seeeing sunlight. This would keep
the peaceful atmosphere of sea world, but satisfy our coaster craving.

Also, what if SFWoA built a recreation of Thriller at Defunct Eucliud Beach Park. It would be a relatively cheap
coaster to build (by today's standards) and it wouldn't take up much space. It would certainly draw tons of
people from the Cleveland area. The park would be acclaimed everywhere for bringing back such a great
coaster. In addition, it would give SFWoA the upperhand against CP.

What are your ideas about SFWoA?
------------- for Real/Defunct/mini coasters a搀 瀀愀爀欀猀
Friday, February 23, 2001 6:44 AM
For starters I don't think they'll move the water park or kiddy park across the lake since that was a major part of the SFO makeover. That doesn't mean that they won't add another kiddie park, but they won't touch the new stuff.

As for the Ferris Wheel, SFO's could be easily moved across. The tower, however, is already at SFO. I don't see them moving it unless it's out the door. The biggest thing they could add across the lake is a nice collection of flat rides (Huss Frisbee, please :) )

The train/monorail idea is the most probable idea as are the ferries. This is not a new idea since it was mentioned in the press release. Bottom line: they will need some sort if interpark transportation.

As for rebuilding the Thriller, I seriously doubt that most Clevelanders remember that ride. An old design that is basically unknown would never give them the upperhand. It would help, but not put them over the top. They could build an inspired by design, but would really have to spruce it up to make it viable.

For this season, I wouldn't expect anything more than a trail or tramway connecting the two parks, along with replacements for the SWO animals. Oh, don't forget X-Flight.

Scott W. Short
Friday, February 23, 2001 8:20 AM
Yeah, speaking of X-Flight, just when are you going to take some more pics! I've heard the lift is over half completed already. You're slackin', Scott! :)

Millennium is spelled with two N's ;)
Friday, February 23, 2001 8:25 AM
Patience. I'm probably going to duck out of work a little early today to take advantage of the light. I would have had some shots of the lift supports ready to go but there were a lot of cops patrolling the area due to the SWO departure convoy last Sunday. Everytime I stopped to take some pics another prowler pulled around the corner. Have no fear, you will have something this weekend.

Now where are your pics of SFGAm's SI and Impulse construction, Joe?? ;)

Scott W. Short

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