CGA bombarded by thugs with tasers!

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Sorry for the click bait title haha, but this was pretty crazy. First the news article that just dropped yesterday, and a new one from a few hours ago:

This was on Saturday night... I was there a saw a couple fights break out inside the park, and the original news stories just said that there were a large number of reported fights, and stolen cell phones that night. From what I saw inside the park, it was just rowdy and drunk high school kids mostly getting into fights with each other. Pretty standard for the last weekend of Haunt here.

But now the more accurate narrative from police has come out, and there was literally up to 100 people, possible all coordinated together, that were attacking people for the purpose of stealing phones and wallets, and some of the group was even using tasers to subdue people and get them to drop their cell phones. It was super quick and all at once, and most of the crews escaped before cops arrived. Most of the attacks happened outside the park near the drop-off and pickup area. Only 1 arrest was made out of the possible 100 suspects involved in the coordinated attacks, because they all had getaway cars waiting. Crazy. And so all the fights inside the park were unrelated, and just the standard CGA Haunt fights lol

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This is awful.

If the thing was indeed orchestrated, who made the decision that a hundred a-holes should pay to get into a theme park to wreak their havoc? Did they think to get the group rate at least?

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