CF/Paramount ACE Policy Changes?

Hello all,

I am wondering if there have been any announcements regarding the admission discount that Paramount has offered to ACE members. Also, what about the walk back to the Beast for next season. Has anyone heard if these things will still be offered next season?

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Not known for sure yet, but I heard a while ago that they were going away.
When I went up to PCW this July, the cashiers didn't have the foggiest clue what I was talking about when I tried to get an ACE discount on my ticket. I don't know if they ever had such a discount, but if they did they certainly don't now.
I would suspect the discount will be gone. As for the Beast walkback, since that is a one park tradition, it could very easily be kept, but we will know for certain in the winter / spring.
As far as I know, Only PKI and PKD had the discount. The only park I know for sure has it anymore is Holiday World.

Chuck, who says HW's is good for any well known coaster club and dafe.

The 50% discount was chain wide in '06 and maybe even '05 (can't remember that far back). We got it at Carowinds this year and they knew exactly what we were talking about.
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Seems to me that would be the last group you'd offer a discount to, since they most want to visit, but there I am looking at it from the business perspective again. :)

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Heck, make 'em pay more for the requisite chaperone. ;)

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Not entirely chain-wide, at least not in '05. PCW certainly didn't have the ACE discount (but at the exchange rates, it still wasn't too bad). I believe it was all US Paramount properties...
A friend of mine started discussing the possibility of a road trip next year and we were able to take the Beast walk back last year. I was just wondering if anyone had officially heard and I had missed it.

As a business situation, the discount is a part of the reason I remain a member of ACE. When traveling from Nebraska, the discount at PKI offset a portion of my membership dues. If that discount were to go away, most of the focus of being an ACE member (to me) becomes the events. Now, park sponsored events seem to be growing and becoming more popular, which reduces the 'draw' of being an ACE member. Seems ACE has more to lose in this situation than the parks do.

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
When you pay dies to ACE, you get publications, and access to ACE sponsored events. Everything else costs money. Events at parks, winter events, tshirts, etc.

When you join Coasterbuzz, you get ad free access, the track record, etc. When Jeff does an event, it costs money.

If you are in a car club, for example you are a Ford Mustang collector, you pay for the area club, but everything you do like car cruises and filling the tank with gas costs more money. Ford does not give you a discount for a new Mustang because you like the car.

Joining ACE for park discounts is an inconsistent 'perk'. Joining ACE because you love coasters, well that is the draw. Park discounts should be treated like a suprise.

Agent Johnson,

I did join ACE because of my love of coasters, but, when you live in Nebraska, the 'events' are usually many hours a way.

A person or business joins a trade organization usually because of the 'benefits' involved.

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
Fever, first off, I am sorry for your geographical location. Honestly, none of us here can control that.

I would not book any theme park vacation outing based on saving a few bucks here and there. I love the industry, and I will go where I want to, when I want to.

Second, ACE is not, nor ever will be a 'trade organization'. IAAPA is the trade organization, and my card in my wallet gets me squat. Hardly anyone outside of the amusement park realm even know what IAAPA even is. Some of our biggest vendors for the park I work at haven't a clue when I say I am 'off the IAAPA' in Novemeber.

ACE is a fan club, that tries to do the best they can while representing, well, thousands of folks who all have some strong emotions on what they do for their weekends off.

Hey, if you can make your $50 bucks back saving park admission, more power to you.

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As an ACE member, you would be really shocked how little I use the "perks". I joined because I liked that there were people like me into rollercoasters. Now there are many other clubs to choose from besides ACE.

For my $65 annual dues you still get RollerCoaster magazine and the newsletters which you would be hard pressed to find anything else like them elsewhere. They are hard to find...there are some out there if you research for them. But that to me is a small price to pay. When I go to events sponsored by a park or by ACE or any other club, it isnt about the parks usually for me unless I have never been is about the friends that I have in the clubs and that work at those parks that I like to go to that matter to me. The parks and the rollercoasters for me is just "gravy". ;)

Back on topic: I have my doubts that Cedar Fair will continue to offer the discount admissions or the "free" admission tickets given at events like No Coaster Con that Paramount's had been doing. Originally it was just PKI that did this and 2 years ago they did it chain wide for the free tickets. I will not be upset if they do not continue. It was just a "bonus" for me when I did get them.

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But they have to keep the ACE walkback! It would be a insult to THE BEAST if they didn't :)
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They already insulted The Beast with that bastard son across the park. ;)

With the MaXX pass option now, there is really no reason for me to be concerned about the Paramount discount anymore.

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Sure, I guess The Beast walkback would be cool (if I were in ACE), but it was the other ride offered in 2002 that my ACE-member friend thought was more worth-while. The year that Tomb Raider opened, that was a no-brainer. It was closed the night before, and was still having troubles the day after.

We waited around 1/2-hour or more before they opened the big gate to the main room. When we saw the line afterwards, we knew we had made the right decision as The Beast was practically a walk-on the rest of the day, and Tomb Raider was most definitely not:)

I think with Six Flags going to ERT for coasters for season pass holders, Cedar Fair will follow soon. Just be patient.
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^Agreed, Matt. The MaxxPass is a gem, at least from my perspective. It takes care of about 70% of the parks I am visiting next year, and all for a mere $89. :)

rollergator said:
Not entirely chain-wide, at least not in '05. PCW certainly didn't have the ACE discount (but at the exchange rates, it still wasn't too bad). I believe it was all US Paramount properties...

It was. It's a good thing that kid gave me his free ticket. I was NOT looking forward to paying full gate price for a park I don't care too much about, or didn't offer the ACE discount. ;)

TIP: If you are an American visiting Canada, ALWAYS use your credit card/check card instead of cash to get the "American" rates at the end of the billing cycle. ;)


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Even cash was OK, (the Canadians MUST have better math classes than we do in school) and everyone there figured out exchange rates "on the fly", WITHOUT a calculator to help them. Be willing to bet US parks don't get employees who could do *that*, LOL...

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