CF Platinum pass question 2007/2008, Anyone already processed?

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Charles Nungester said:Chuck, who thought Beast was also running well and it was good to finally put myself into many rides I haven't been able to ride in awhile.

Congrats Chuck!

I also thought Sonny was MUCH improved, even though I'm one of the noted "G-train detractors". Still took a little beating, and still not a ride I consider worth the continuing investments, but at least more tolerable. Beast, we got the last lap of the night for the GP (pre-TPR ERT), and it was really good. The first half has never been my personal favorite, but the finale is still a *tour de forces*... ;)

Shame KI couldn't have worked out some arrangement to get PTCs on Sonny...

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Dorney isn't even processing 2008 passes until Spring of 2008... that was a bit of a bummer for me when I went to get my pass processed there last weekend (I have a 2007 Maxx Pass that I was expecting to use to get into the park next year, so that was not an issue). I purchased my Platnium Pass online so I have the voucher... I guess my biggest issue would be if I have to pay to park first day I go next year to get my pass processed as the Platinium Pass should give me free parking.

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

As long as you have the Platinum Voucher you should be able to park for "Free".
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Interestingly, I just received the KI newsletter which states the following about 2008 passes:

VISIT HAUNT FOR FREE! All 2008 Passholders get ONE FREE VISIT THIS FALL! Use your new pass to visit the all-new Halloween Haunt or the family-friendly Nick-or-Treat or come on a Saturday this October and do both!
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