CF Great America to get a GCI in 2009

That's right, they're getting a topspin, Firefall, for 2008, and a GCI for 2009 at 104ft high and 52mph with a station fly-by. The park will now be named California's Great America.

Wow! I've never been to this park, but have grown up at Illinois' Great America.

I think California's Great America is a great name for the park.

I hope the new coaster is not a copy of Renegade, but what the heck, it'll be great no matter what. *** Edited 10/25/2007 7:48:49 PM UTC by J7G3***

The coaster sounds like it's going to be very similar to Renegade (same height, twisting first drop). Still, great news. Hopefully Cedar Fair continues to embrace wood coasters.
Twisting first drop, low-to-the-ground S-turn, station fly-by? Yeah, it's a ReneClone.

I don't know why anyone would be mad about that. It's a great ride...


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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