Celebration City 1st Time 6/25/07

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After making the long drive from SFSTL we arrived at Celebration City around 5pm. Our first impression was that the park is a little pricy for what it has to offer.

The first coaster that we went to was Jack Rabbit. After waiting 3 trains we were on our way. The ride wasn't really what I expected it was pretty jerky and I wasn't aware that it was more of a Wild mouse than a Zyklon. Overall 4/10.

Next we went over to Thunderbolt. We found this ride closed with the train stuck on the lift. We asked if it would reopen and they said they didn't know, so frustrated we moved on.

Next up was Ozark Wildcat. This had about a 5 min wait for the back row. This was a fantastic woodie that provided everything. It had laterals, positive g's and negative. It was right up there with Thunderhead. It gets a 9/10.

Next up we rode it in the front after a 10 min wait. It was slightly better but not by much.

Next up we rode the magic carpet which was pretty forceful followed by the S&S drop tower and log flume all which were decent rides.

Next we went for a round of mini golf which was fun. We never realized how bad we were. In fact the winner was plus 41.

After this we went back over to Thunderbolt but it was about 8 and still closed. A man was on the lifthill working so we figured it was prob closed for the night. Frustrated we left. Overall the park gets a 3/10. We didn't think it was worth the money maybe it should be a pay per ride.

It probably wasn't worth the money although I don't know what you spent. Its too bad you didn't have more time to spend. When I went I had three days so I got a three day pass for Silver Dollar City and Celebration City and I loved both parks. I camped at Silver Dollar City Camp ground. I will definitely go back someday.

I had the time to spare so I looked around all the shops of both parks and did every thing that could be done. I thought the park entrance was great. I thought the Paper Moon shop was cool. I had some ice cream in that restaurant next to the gift shop that also serves as an entrance to the Wildcat area. I spent a lot of time looking at all the Coca-Cola memorabilia and just enjoyed the overall atmosphere of that place.

I don't know if you like go carts but Celebration City had them when I went and they didn't cost extra. I loved the Fireball at night. I must have rode it 10 times in a row.

They also had a neat musical show after dark outside using lights and water. I rode the Wildcat about 10 times first thing in the morning. My wife and I were the only ones on it for the first 5 rides. We came back that night and rode it another 10 time after dark.

Yes, I have fond memories of my only trip to Branson. That was 3 summers ago.

My band "The Cedar Kings". "Ordinary Day" a trip report in song.

What!? I simply don't understand the logic here. You paid something close to $20 to get in, right? And you enjoyed almost every ride you went on, right? Plus, the park is extremely pretty and clean compared to almost any other park world-wide, so I can't understand why you are griping about it.

How on earth would this place be better as a pay-per-ride? Not only would you end up spending over 10 times as much for the same experience, but it would feel so much like a carny. Seriously, if you had such a bad time at this place because one 'meh' coaster was down, you need to ask yourself if it is really worth it to go to parks. Of course, how much did you pay? Last I was there it was only $20, the same price as Bell's.

We payed 28 dollars. I just wasn't very happy with the park. It's true that every ride was decent but the only thing that stood out was Ozark Wildcat, the drop tower was small as well as the log flume that we rode. Jack Rabbit was also mediocre which is why I didn't feel as though it was worth the money. It didn't bother us too much that Thunderolt was down what bothered us was that mechanics were talking with the ride ops until 8 when they finally decided to try to get it going.

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