Cedarpoint opening weekend and castaway bay.

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Well, My trip started out on wensday as I did the red cross golf event and ended on sunday afternoon, needless to say, I am beat.

The golf event went great and on my way into it, I was able to see maverick testing. Pointbuzz took 2'nd in the golf event. I did the hole in one challenge and the ball stopped less than an inch from the hole....what a bummer.

Ended up staying wend and thrs night at the knights inn near the park because I live in michigan, and it would have been pointless to drive home and than turn around and drive back in a day and a half. The hotel was clean and looks like it was recentley updated and the price was great($37 a night).

So on thrsday, I had to find something to do, so I headed over to castaway bay. Not much has changed since the last trip here, except that the place was a ghost town. I like the place, except for the really loud hot tub. Why is it so loud? We coulden't even hold a conversation because we had to shout over the noise.

Friday morning I checked into breakers for a 2 night stay. I really do like the old section of the hotel, but I have stayed at the new section the last few years and it has grown on me. Check in went smooth and the room suite was really nice as always. My room overlooked the front half of the park, and the beach.

I decided to head on down to the hot tub, and was having a great time untill some idiots decided to come in the hot tub and light up cigerettes. What was even worse, was the lifeguard did nothing about it.

By this time it was getting late, so I decided to grab a bite to eat and head for bed. I grabbed a steak at fridays, and I have to be honest about the new look of fridays....I don't like it. First off, it looked like all that they did was remove some of the decorations and added some red and white stripes here and there. I was unipressed with the new look, but the food was decent. The bartender "Dustin" was really friendley as well.

By this time it was late, so I called for a wake up call and headed to bed while falling asleep looking at the park lights from my room window.

7:30 am came really quick.

Got up and got ready and headed down to breakfast at the coffee shop in the lobby. The price was about $9 for a all you can eat breakfast buffet and the food was o-k....nothing to write home about but it was edible.

Headed to the resort gat entrance to get into the park for the joe cool/ resort earley entrance. They did it a little differatn this year, and scanned everyones passes and let us wait inside the gate untill 9am.

First ride....dragster.

Waited untill around 930-945 to actually get on the ride as they were having problems with the ride rolling back. I was in the 3rd train of the season in the front seat of the green train. All I can say is...wow. I finaly got my rollback on the ride, and it the front seat no less. Great ride, but still has its problems.

next up....Millennium force.

Got to millennium force just as the main gates were opend, so I just missed the big croud. The line was still about 20 min but seemed to keep moving well. The ride looked to be running a little slow, but it probaly had something to do with the chilly air. I ended up riding it 3 times that day, and I noticed that all the seatbelts that I had to deal with were all a bit longer and I had no problems getting them on. The belts also looked as if they were all new as well....good sign.

Next, I decided to check out maverick.

Maverick looks great, and Imo it is the best looking ride in the park. They did a great job theming the ride, and it just looked wonderful. What I am about to say may spoil the supprise for a few peeps, so dont read this if you don't want to know what is in mavericks tunnle. It looks as if there is going to be a train crossing of some kind inside of the tunnle. There were rr crossing's inside the tunnle, so it leads me to believe that there could be a train headding tourds you in the tunnle. Kind of like at dollywoods indoor coaster.

Frontier town looked great. There were several new things this year including a shooting gallery and 3 point challenge. The shooting gallery was fun, if you shoot the bats on the ceiling, they spray a mist of water onto the person in front of it.

A few other thigs I noticed, were a new permanet slushie stand next to mine rides secound lift hill. There was a new dippin dots stand that was loosley themed to a western. Of course there was the chick fil a and the chuckwagon inn changes.


The ride ran great, and you can now buy a dvd of your ride at the exit for $20. I don't think that they have the on ride photos anymore though.

Other new changes in the park that I noticed were some new games like "wack a pirate and beat the house poker game". I did not see as many of them annaoying basketballs around the park, but now thay have numbchucks and ball and chains...great idea...not!!! They also for some reason got rid of the plate smashing game): and replaced it with yet another water pistal game...why? Nobody was playing any of the water games when I walked by.

There is also a ben and jerries ice cream store where the tofts ice cream used to be in the front of the park, but it was waaaay overpriced.

Enjoyed the rest of the day in the park and hit most of the rides.

Sunday, the park was not as buisy as saterday, so we were able to hit a lot more rides as we did the day before.

A few things that I noticed were that there were a lot of employies waking around in partial uniforms getting on the rides and talking on cell phones. I know it is opening weekend, but let's just hope that the ride crews get better at dispatching trains. The mean streak stacked all three trains while we were there....that is bad. There were also a lot of violations like not checking belts and watching the train as it leaves the station. But again, this is opening weekend, and this is kind of expected.I am sure things will get better as the crews get some experiance.

Smoking in the park.

There were people actually using the designated smoking areas, but there were also a lot of people not following the new rule. Security was not enforcing the new rule at all. There were several groups of people that walked right past the secuity guards and the said nothing to them. Lets hope this changes.

Line jumping...

There were quite a few line jumpers this weekend as well. In line for magnum, a group of kids cut in line and when about ten of us told the platform attendant about it, she did NOTHING!!!

All in all, we had a great time in the park, and can't wait to go back when maverick is running.

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