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Monday, May 30, 2005 3:05 PM
I'm not going to be organized about this, I'll ramble and try to be informative.

First of all gang, to address this issue with Millennium's lines. I hadn't paid much attention to it but it really is a problem. I was shocked and so disappointed. In fact, the new setup has changed my enjoyment of that ride experience, not the ride itself. When it first opened, it was a capacity machine and although I usually don't like to wait more than 45 min, for MF, it wasn't a problem because the line was always moving. Now, it has turned into one of the worst ride lines around, basing it on the two days I was there mind you. I'd say add 5 min. for every 10 min. you used to wait, no joke. It was soooo slow, and everyone brace themselves when I tell you the train dispatch intervals. They were averaging over 3 minutes!!! The shortest time I saw was 2 minutes, 35 seconds with 3:20+ not being uncommon. It was terrible, then you go to Raptor and Magnum hitting 1:00-1:20 per dispatch and we avoided MF like the plague. Probably an average of one person every other train was not fitting, while going no more than 3 trains without someone getting kicked off. We rode in the morning, then a freeway ride, then later at night. During the day it was about 1 hr 1/2 wait when most of the park was either a walkon or at the most 15-30 minute waits.

TTD update: I arrived early evening Friday and Dragster was not operating, just workers in the station. By about 7:45 (park closed at 10!), all 6 trains were on the transfer track and the TTD area was like a ghost town, no mechanics to be seen nor workers but they had all the pretty lights on which I'm sure made people happy? Saturday, it operated about a little more than half the day, it rained a lot but it was still down during at least one lengthy break in the weather.

To the rest of the park, the bus trips started clearing out by 6 or 7 on both Fri and Sat so most of the coasters were a walkon by 8 pm, 10-15 min. at the most. We actually walked on Mantis and Raptor.

Raptor has sustained the test of time very well, I seem to like it more over time. It makes Hydra look like Snoopy Express in intensity just comparing an old and new B&M. Mean Streak did seem to be running better as reported but hitting breaks while going down the first drop of a coaster just seems wrong to me although I understand the purpose. It does rattle my back to death so that was the only trip on that one. I love Blue Streak, HP's Wildcat and all the wild woodies but they don't mess my back up like MS does and I am not a fan of smooth woodies either, that's why they have steel coasters for smoothness.

I think it's funny how they always run 3 trains on Corkscrew when it's the shortest and least busiest coaster anywhere, gotta love CP. In fact, CP has some cool but interesting policies. Even after 8 or 9 pm both Fri and Sat on Mantis, Mantis was running empty trains as were all of the coasters. They don't stop sending trains when there is NO ONE in the station, I don't know, I guess to give the park the atmosphere of having everything operating? It's weird but I like it.

I'm sorry but I didn't try MaxAir, the line seemed very slow and fairly long.

Also, forget Coastermania, this is my second year in a row going this weekend and although I didn't stay Sun and Mon this year, last year the crowds got lighter and lighter. Between morning rides and night rides, you get basically ERT on so many of the coasters. IT does get busy during the afternoons though. Also, as a bonus, stay at the resorts this time of the year because when they let you in at 9am for MF, TTD and Raptor or whatever rides they choose that day, they are walkons or practically are because the resorts aren't full. I walked right up to Raptor at 9:15am Sat and we jumped in the front seat, 2 people in the back row, there we went on basically an empty train. I got on Raptor more times in 35 min than during any 2 hour ERT block at Coastermania. When they opened the rides to the general public after 9:30, they spread out quickly and it didn't change those early morning lines much. They were running TTD with the back car closed off. Maybe something to do with reports that the ride rolls back a lot early in the day when it's cold and extra weight in the back will increase the likelihood of a rollback?

And I have not mentioned Magnum yet, no more than a 5 train wait the entire time and it's still my favorite coaster there. I only ride in the back!

That's my rambling. *** Edited 5/30/2005 7:28:35 PM UTC by Mantis2***

Monday, May 30, 2005 4:56 PM
I agree with MF. The capacity now is so slow it makes no sense to even run the third train. Though I don't think it's the workers fault it takes time for people to get in and see they don't fit. We were there on Sunday and TTD ran the entire day. We were on after an hour wait Great ride!
Monday, May 30, 2005 5:47 PM
Then if you think you might not fit, you should try out the test seat. I'm sorry, but it would make it a lot easier for everyone else. That's my thought.

Knoebels- 4/28

Monday, May 30, 2005 5:53 PM
Ride of Steel's avatar I love MF and I'm so upset to see it like this. I hope the situation improves.

They should have added the car by car lapbar release like Six Flags did so it doesn't take so long.

TTD is still being a pain, that sucks.

Raptor is the bomb, it's intense and the line moves FAST.

They need like 3 people at the entrance to check height and size.

Monday, May 30, 2005 8:37 PM
Sounds like a pretty good trip, sorry you missed out on maXair we definetly enjoyed it.

Just wanted to say during my trip I thought the line for maXair was long and slow as well, but that's not the case... 50ppl is a ton. When that line moves, it really moves. We found once we were in the corral it was a 15 minute wait.

As for them closing the back seats in the morning on TTD I was told it has nothing to do with the weather. The launching mechanism has to warm up before it can start pulling full loads (was told it takes about an hour). I really couldn't believe how much goes into making that ride operate. I hate to say it but I am almost to the point of understanding "down time" these days. And as much as I enjoy the ride I am really starting to HATE Intamin rides. They will NOT stand the test of time like B&M. I Can't wait to see a different manufacturer build a new Coaster at CP.

Monday, May 30, 2005 9:47 PM
That's interesting about TTD. Also guys, I talked to a ride op on Paddlewheel Excursions (Funny I went on this thing for the first time). I was thinking I'll talk to a ride op not at a coaster because maybe it's not emphasized to them to keep their mouths shut about new coasters, figuring enthusiasts who ask those questions will mostly go after the coaster ops? Anyway, I acted like a clueless tourist :) She actually said that the "whispers" she hears are what she described as a flyer and she said NEXT YEAR. Now, take that for what it's worth.

My opinion on the Intamin restraints is this, being objective, let's go back to the Superman's. I remember first seeing the trains and the little lap bar and thought wow, those are open and "appear" risky in their design if you will, especially compared to Magnum and Steel Force. So, then a few people fall out over the years on their rides, turns out they were risky only because I have never heard anyone falling out of a B&M, Arrow or Morgan train. B&M hyper restraints are much more conservative and secure. Intamin likes pushing things to the limits.

If you look at MF, Intamin was up for the task and the main technology push was a lift system that wasn't too time consuming so they invented the elevator cable lift system or however you want to describe it. After Magnum in '89, traditional coasters didn't go much above 200 ft except for Fujiyama. Then with the big 2000 bang, ok, we pushed things to 300. I just think the jump to TTD was too extreme, too big, too fast for perfected technology. So everyone's complaints, I don't get really upset about it because I have concluded that it was a mistake to build such huge rides with the latest hydraulic launch technology applied. Whatever happend to the "normal" curve of progression that coasters used to undergo? Shouldn't Stormrunner have come before TTD in theory, then you progress bigger? Instead, they build Xcelerator at 200 feet as their prototype then double in size the next year? That's not how progression with technology works and I think that has been clearly proven. Even Xcelerator had its problems for a while. Again, we're not talking about technology to make the ride physically work, they can make it work, we're talking making it work for 12 hour days for 3 or 4 months nonstop.

I want a reliable coaster. I wouldn't care if CP built another invert (Never will happen) or just a new design of a type they already have (Never will happen), but seriously, give us coasters that work especially when you advertise them far, far away and then those people travel from far, far away.

Also, is there any truth that MF has some type of magnetic connection between the train and the lift mechanism? I didn't think so but somebody was saying this in line. I also heard that SOB does not completely go upside down, it comes close but not completely upside down? And this person had been to PKI and been on the ride and was describing the ride in detail? I was speechless. He was betting that someday they'll build a woodie that loops? *** Edited 5/31/2005 1:54:34 AM UTC by Mantis2***

Monday, May 30, 2005 11:06 PM
Every champion sees it end, have we started to see the build up to the start of the end for the point? I dont think so, but it seems they are starting to forget about the little things that they once took such consideration in
Wednesday, June 1, 2005 3:01 PM
Friday nite, we waited 3 hours for TTD, but the wind just would not allow the train to operate (so they said). But they bought us off with 2 free exit passes for other rides to be used on our trip.

When Dragster was running, they dispatched pretty quickly. MF, on the other hand, was just horrible. They regularly had three trains stacked at the stations.

I was there from Fri to Monday and between rain and wind, it was difficult just getting two rides on TTD. But when I did, we loaded quickly and were off.


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