Cedar Point's Wildcat collision injures 10

Yikes...What I'm wondering if the collision occured halfway through the ride or if the anti-rollbacks failed to catch the car on the way up, because the article mentions the car not making it up the lift.


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Where does it mention anything about the lift?

And how come the block brakes didn't prevent this?

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A guy that works there that I know, told me the other day about this. He said the anti-rollbacks failed and then it bumped into the other car.

They have taken the trains off the track and i believe the ride is down as of right now. Also he said it had something to do with the chain malfunctioning whether it broke or failed to catch the car is a completely different thing.

Apollo there are not block breaks in the first section of the ride, so if it had rolled back it was going straight back past the tires that drive it up to the hill. *** Edited 5/23/2008 8:14:22 PM UTC by MagnunBarrel***

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What we need here is a Federal investigation! Too bad Markey's proposed bill wasn't in place, this could have been prevented.

The preceeding post is meant as a joke, please take it as such...

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

I don't know what it is but CP seems to be getting a lot of bad luck lately. Last year it was the Magnum and not its the Wildcat.

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How can 10 people get injured when each car only holds 4 people? Were 3 cars involved?
Its an old news blip, and the injured number of guests keeps growing.

Jeffrey Seifert said:
How can 10 people get injured when each car only holds 4 people? Were 3 cars involved?

This is how the media would break those numbers down:

8 riders injured (two vehicle collision, each vehicle seating 4)
2 coaster vehicles damaged

10 injuries


I hope it is open before MAN!A -- it's my favorite coaster in the park ;)

i just rode that thing two weeks ago when i was there and was convinced i was going to die the whole ride.....what a piece..

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I was told on Wednesday that the problem has been determined, and/or that they were able to re-create the (accident or more likely the conditions that caused the failure).

Sorry for being vague, but I didn't tape record the conversation with my source.

Anyway, it is interesting that it took so long for the media to learn about this. I wonder if it was coaster junkies like us that tipped them off.


You mean enthusi-ass, Sam?

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I have ridden this many times and enjoyed the ride. I hope it stays and the problem is fixed to never happen again. Most of all I hope the people on the ride are alright with no permanent damage...

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I mean coaster junkies.

Anyway, I understand that just because I was told something doesn't mean it is true. But it is a good think that there were no major injuries.

I know there were problems on opening day. I don't know if those problems are related to the incident.

I do like the ride, and hope it is fixed soon.


I do not mean to ruffle any feathers but as far as I am concerned they can tear it down and put something else there. I am not a big fan of this ride as it has seen its better days.

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Jeffrey Seifert said:
How can 10 people get injured when each car only holds 4 people? Were 3 cars involved?

Easy: The two others tripped over garbage cans running to get video to post on YouTube.


Get the FEDS involved! This madness must end!!!
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^That theory is impossible, cause no vids went up, but still it makes me wonder what happened.

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What's up with Wildcats and anti-roll back issues? There was the Bell's incident a few years back, and memory is hazy and google isn't helping out but thought there was another roll back failure with a Wildcat that was in New Jersey before that.

I hope they get this sorted out because I'm a big fan of the rides and kind of started the coaster jukie thing with me today. Before it left the park I used to go on the Riverside Wildcat over and over. We'd literally ride it for like and hour just running back to get in line again over and over. I was probably about 8 or 9 at the time.

Not sure why but the 54m footprint like Riverside's which is now located on Price Edward Island seem more intense than the 65m version like the one at Cedar Point.

I don't recall a Wildcat roll back in New Jersey. Perhaps you are thinking of the Wild Wonder at Gillian's? That was a Zamperla Zig Zag coaster (wild mouse), and Gillians sold the coaster to Magic Springs after the fatal incident. However there was a Wildcat rollback prior to Bell's at Worlds of Fun on their Schussboomer back in the late 70s or early 80s.

Sheikrafanatic said:
^That theory is impossible, cause no vids went up, but still it makes me wonder what happened.

Simple. Both camera's broke ;)

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