Cedar Point's Shoot the Rapids planned years in advance

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Cedar Point announced Sept. 3 it's building a new water flume ride, Shoot the Rapids, that will be ready when the park opens in May. The announcement wasn't the result of a spur-of-the-moment decision. It made the decision to build Shoot the Rapids after years of secret planning.

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Close Gator...It will be the first flat ride designed by B&M. It will be an authentic giant 100 foot tall robot, complete with artificial intelligence. It will be free to roam the park, which will be it's home. When someone wants a ride, it will bend down, pick them up, and swing them around.

It will be the single most expensive attraction ever created in any amusement park, at an estimated 290 million dollars. Kings Dominion will break that record in 2012 with a 110 foot tall robot.

I know it's absolutely true because the Dippin' Dots guy told me so. ;)

You forgot the part how the robot will look like Snoopy. :)

If the robot looks like Snoopy, i'd hate to be the guy to clean up when that dog marks it's territory.

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My super secret source just told me that the robot will look like Snoopy, and yet another source corroborated the rumor by adding that they will have at least one employee to clean up after the robot after it pees on the buildings. ;)

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Step away from the computer and seek professional help immediately!

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Moosh is just trying to cover up the fact that the RoboSnoopy rumor is absolutely true. ;)

Now wait a minute...

There is a lot of assumption going on here.

Anyone who has read Peanuts knows how fond Snoopy is of his supper dish. But I have never seen any evidence to indicate that anything ever comes out the other end. Certainly we can make that assumption, but for a large number of years, Snoopy has at least been very *discreet* about it.

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Yeah. Snoopy goes behind the scenes and has the Group Unility guys hose out his doghouse every night. And haven help them if he eats at Los Gatos...

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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