Cedar Point's In Trouble Again...News at 11pm

Thursday, May 20, 2004 9:40 PM
Hello Coaster Fans Who Are trying to make themselves thin again,

Just to let you know. I've had a few calls at work from people telling me about CP being on the news tonight (thurdsay). I didn't get to see the full promo, but according to the commercials they show CP and say, "And You thought the roller coasters were suppose to make you queezy" Then it showed some food and talked about rats. It said news at 11. I'm pretty sure it's news channel 5 but I'm not sure... So we'll see what's up tonight. If anyone else knows anything let add some insight. *** Edited 5/21/2004 1:46:44 AM UTC by RollerCoasterGod***

Thursday, May 20, 2004 10:05 PM
Maybe the thought here is that if CP can scare everyone away from eating while at the park, they will be thin enough to fit in MF's restraints.

Currently sitting at 205 and a 36-38 inch waist....

Thursday, May 20, 2004 10:18 PM
It is actually Channel 19... WOIO in Cleveland.


Thursday, May 20, 2004 10:18 PM
SVL do you fit? I'm 215 38 inch waste.
Thursday, May 20, 2004 10:31 PM
You'll both fit.
Thursday, May 20, 2004 11:24 PM
Yes, it was channel 19 action news.

Quick summary: It actually wasn't too bad. They had a mold problem on the floor at Red Garder Salloon. A few uncovered dishes in some walkin coolers. Midway Market had some coolers broken. Macaronis had 4 pretty big violations in the food world. Including sinks that didn't work. The Saloon had Pork being stored not at temp. And there were a few other things. They did in fairness state some of the good places to eat at CP. They said Johnny Rockets was the best. And the Pretzel place. They had no violations. In all it said CP isn't to bad of a place to eat but that they did have some serious violations. They also went into the back of some places and CP has said they since have been fixed and employees are and have undergo strict food safety programs.

Thursday, May 20, 2004 11:30 PM
ya gotta love local news... every report they make will "SHOCK" you. I hate local news. they are more worried about ratings than reporting the news the right way.

this is what Stong Bad thinks of Local news.


Thursday, May 20, 2004 11:33 PM
Actually, all of you would be extremely suprised at how emmaculately clean Johnny Rockets is on the inside. I work there myself and we take so much pride in the cleanliness of the restaurant, as if it were one of our own. They have to be clean, otherwise they could lose their franchise rights.
Friday, May 21, 2004 8:50 AM
If you'd just take a little pride in the service and temperature of the food...
Friday, May 21, 2004 9:06 AM
I hope this ends up on their web site. The lucky ones outside of Cleveland who don't get ACTION News will appreciate the laugh.

Whenever I struggle to watch that station, I always feel like I'm watching Hard Copy or a television version of the Weekly World News.

As predicted, there was nothing to the story. The reporter talked about a few minor violations that have already been corrected. Instead of explaining that, it was apparently a lot more interesting to flash a big red "VIOLATION" across the screen for each one (as if the reporter himself was the one who did all the dirty work and caught them with his "investigation"). As with the Disney piece, he failed to mention the few number of violations as a percentage of overall food operation. Is it reasonable for a food operation that size to never have a violation?

The best part was the quotes.

One, halfway through the piece: "Hey, Cedar Point, health inspector's telling you to clean upppppp!" The emphasis on the "up" was his.

The other was at the end - regarding the number of violation-free locations: "Hey, Cedar Point, pretty impressive. Way to go."

So, which is it?

I think everyone around here will know that this isn't a case of me being upset about a negative story about Cedar Point. I also know that those who have watched Action News know exactly what I'm talking about regarding their overall news operation!

I also enjoyed their "undercover" camera. Funny stuff!

Friday, May 21, 2004 9:44 AM
I haven't watched local news in nearly 7 years. I get my news from the New York Times. I find out what's going on in my local town via the local paper.

I'm much happier that way.

Of course, I get my coaster news from ARN&R, so I've still got some work to do.

Friday, May 21, 2004 9:53 AM
Crashmando....I don't know for certain, but started the Atkins diet about 5 weeks ago and got down from 225 to 203.9 as of yesterday.

Knowing that I am about 20 pounds lighter than I was since I went to CP last year, I am hoping that I fit into the restrtaints. I am going to CP on June 8-10.

According to CPismyhome, we should be OK. I hope CPis my home is correct.

Leave it to the 'shock' news mentality...... I own/manage a food service operation and we have NEVER had a perfect inspection, and I don't believe we ever will. It's the inspectors job to find something wrong. For example, we have two regular freezers holding some of our frozen foods - that's a violation because they aren't 'commercial' type. Another, we once received a violation because the ceiling over our snack bar wasn't smooth textured (it was that spray-on little dot type). It had been that way for 23 years and then we received a violation because it wasn't smooth so it couldn't be 'wiped down'. Go figure....

Anyway, according to what's posted here, I still plan on eating at CP (after I have fit into MF of course) :)

Friday, May 21, 2004 9:54 AM
It's investiga-awesome.

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