Cedar Point's Hotel Breakers renovation is biggest investment in park's history

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Cedar Point's historic Hotel Breakers, one of the oldest and largest hotels in Ohio, reopens next month with fewer rooms and a new, modern look. Cedar Point is in the final, frenzied weeks of a massive remodel of the aging lakefront inn, which opened in 1905, when most guests arrived by boat.

Read more and see photos from The Plain Dealer.

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I am so excited to stay there this summer. Even when the tower opened, I never quite felt like you were getting what you paid for. When it went unchanged for more than a decade, that was even more true.

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I'm surprised they took out one of the pools, as I've seen all 3 pretty crowded at the same time the few times I stayed there. I wonder if they took out the one with the rock work and waterfall as well, or just that main one and the hot tub in the middle.

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Breakers Pool was in need of some serious repair, really just tearing it out and building new so I am not surprised they removed it.


I'm pretty stoked to see the finished product. The photos here and at the official blog are very encouraging. Judging from the webcams it looks like they're finally given Breakers some real green space around the buildings, particularly by the parking lot side of Breakers East. It's great that they are paying some attention to the park-side face of the hotel, which has generally felt like an afterthought when compared to the admittedly-nicer lake side. We've always had a lot of affection for Breakers, fueled mostly by nostalgia I'd imagine, so it nice to see the old girl get all dressed up and respectable after years of letting herself go a bit.

"Thank the Phoneticians!"

Ouimet is the right leader at the right time but if the renovation of Hotel Breakers were his only accomplishment then I think his tenure as CEO would be considered a success. Kinzel's blatant disregard for the hotel lacked any kind of vision. I left Cedar Fair for a lot of reasons but one of the most difficult things for me was when a guest would complain about the price of the room, the value they received and the utter shortcomings of the place and I had to look them in the eye and not just say, "you're right". The potential was so great (as we are about to see) but Kinzel couldn't wrap his head around it or lacked the decisiveness to do something about it.

Get rid of the remaining On Point employee housing and Ouimet's place as a great leader is secure.

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Get rid of on-point housing? I say tear down and REBUILD on-point housing. It probably will not happen though.

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Employee housing on-point is a terrible idea. Every square foot of land should be there for guests. Employees will do just fine on the mainland.

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I think it's inevitable that Cedars will be gone soon. I give it 2 more seasons, tops. The building is old, might not be up to code and an eyesore.


Might not be up to code? It wasn't up to code in 1980.

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Wahoo read my mind, or maybe I read his? It's a dump, but I have some good memories of that place. That was about a hundred years ago, and it was old back then.

Hail, it was a fire trap back in the 1970's

Maybe, but I didn't mind it. Perhaps it was my unsophisicated college sensibilities, but I got there and thought I was I was in heaven. Well, after I resolved my hellish roommate situation, which took the first afternoon. (was that you passed out on the floor there, Dutchman?)

I was on the upper level facing the midway, which at the time was Bayern Kurve, Schwabinchen, Monster, Frontier Lift, and Western Cruise. The early morning whistle of the train was music to my ears, and I still have a pleasant olfactory response when I smell creosote.
I worked on the main midway, and my travel time to work was all of three minutes. The ferry was right there for trips to town. I could go to the beach in the morning and still have plenty of time to shower and get to my stand for my 2-close shift. I could take a date out to the end of the Marina late at night and sit and look at the water or up at the stars. Best of all, the Circus Lounge and the Ballroom were just a mere stumbling distance away.

Ok, it was sandy floors, toilets down the hall, bare light bulbs, questionable mattresses, and smelly boys. But I loved it, and the day the Cedars finally goes I'll be sad.

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You know you loved the smelly boys.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Twern't me, I didn't drink in those days. My room mate worked the Skyride stand

Tekwardo said:
You know you loved the smelly boys.

As many as I could.

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It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. :-)

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