Cedar Point's Disaster Transport gone, making room for GateKeeper

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It's gone. Disaster Transport, the indoor roller coaster that rocked Cedar Point for nearly 30 years, has been completely reduced to rubble. The last standing portion of the structure (the part with the large "12 E") came crashing down to the ground around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday -- a little more than four weeks since Disaster Transport made its final journey on July 29.

Read more from WKYC/Cleveland.

See continuing GateKeeper coverage, including photos and video, all winter on PointBuzz.

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Seriously though, I'm going to miss DT. It was an unintentionally funny ride.

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Disaster Transport was the best bobsled coaster I've been on. And I've been on two! It was uncomfortably hot in that building, especially at the top of the lift hill, was that part of the effect or just bad ventilation?

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When did Disaster Transport ever "rock" Cedar Point? Maybe I missed something.

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When its demolition shook the ground. :)

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I'll never forget CoasterMania 2011. That's where Kinzel admitted to all "It WAS a Disaster!"

I'll miss it just because it was an excuse to get out of the heat of summer and get air conditioning before you got to the lift hill. Bring on Gatekeeper!!!

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The sky line looks strange without anything in DTs place.

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Wanna ride a *good* bobsled......check out Europa!

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Or Kings Dominion.

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KD's is probably the better coaster overall, but I kinda dig La Vibora for its quirkiness. It's a very different experience, with a single car that just kind of rolls around the trough like a marble would; and it seems almost top heavy as if it might tip over on some of the turns.

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I definitely think that the Mack bobsled coasters win for the most comfortable seating arrangement. I still haven't been able to find the cupholder or the compartment for the remote, though.

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Heide Park's Mack Bobsled is very good also.

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