Cedar Point/Midway Park(Amusement Park Trip Part1)

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Monday, August 20, 2001 8:08 PM
I am from California, so its not to often that I get out to Ohio and New York. On the trip I went to Cedar Point, Midway Park, Kennywood and Waldameer Park.
That said, my first stop was at the most revered park in the world.
Not only that but as a Cedar Fair employee at Knotts, I get into CP free! :) I went only on the coasters, and barely had time to ride them all (except Woodstocks Express and Jr. Gemini). Normally I go on all the flat rides and water rides, but not this time!
I got there at opening, and ran to get in line for Raptor. That only took like 10 or 15 minutes.
What an awesome ride! A vast improvement over the already fun Batman: The Rides. 10/10!

Blue Streak: A classic coaster,but I really didn't find much to like about this one. It was overly bumpy, and had a downright bland layout. 5/10

Disaster Transport: My first bobsled coaster. The theming (or whatever that was) ended up being quite humorous. Good thing I only waited 10 minutes for it. THe ride itself is decent and is fairly reminiscent of Space Mountain, but the theming just lessens the experience. 6/10

Corkscrew: I love how the corkscrews go out over the midway. Unfortunetly, it is too rough and too short to be enjoyable. Lapbars would be appreciated! 4/10

Magnum XL 200: My first hyper! And what a ride it was! This one truly lives up to all of the hype. The excellent view only proves to enhance the experience. Thats all the theming I need! Truly a modern classic in my opinion. 9/10

Gemini: Not too bad. I loved the feeling of racing another train through the course. A pleasent ride, and the line moves quickly. 7/10

Mean Streak: I do not understand why people call this ride rough. It really is a good ride. Not CCI good, but the best woodie in the park. 8/10

Cedar Creek Mine Ride: Though I enjoy mine train coasters, I feel that this one really is not too great. It sure doesn't compare to Big Thunder Mtn at Disneyland. 6/10

Wildcat: A pleasent surprise. I wasn't expecting much, but I really enjoyed this one! The drops were great, and the helixes were nice and intense as well. Looks are quite decieving here 8/10

Millenium Force: Finally, the coaster I had come all this way to enjoy. And after at 2 hour wait, I was assigned to the back seat (!) This coaster is a work of art. A true masterpiece. There is a really good reason why it is Amusement Today's number one steel coaster! It deserves all the praise that it recieves. Very nice! 10/10

Iron Dragon: A very well done suspended coaster. I liked this one a lot more than Ninja at Magic Mountain. The real live forest setting and mist in the water was great. 8/10

Mantis: My first stand up coaster. A different experience than anything else I have been on. But as usual, B&M have devised yet another winner. The variety of elements and the fact that it is over water make this ride a good one!! 9/10

Cedar Point is truly an amazing park! THe staff is wonderful and works very hard to keep the entire experience working well.
Nice landscaping all around, and the Carp in the water is an interesting touch. 10/10
Nothing else comepares.
And by the way, it by far beats SFMM! :)

Midway Park- Maple Springs New York
This one has been a family tradition for my family. This park has so much potential, yet ends up being the kiddieland of the county fair.
The go karts and roller rink on the lake is cool, yet the park needs some good thrill rides.
Perhaps a wipeout, scrambler or log flume!

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