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Okay well I've lost count of how many times I've been to Cedar Point this year, I believe it is at six though.

3 times by myself and 3 times with others..And of course there was the journey up there on opening day. Opening day turned out to be a pretty big mess, the only cool points I could find, were being stuck on Magnum, for the first public ride of the season, and no lines. Also SKYHAWK! Such an amazing ride, but way too short.

Anyhow I'll do a TR from my most recent trip to CP. Last Thursday...

Arrived at the park around 1:15ish, and noticed that Demon Drop was stuck and a Ride Host was up there talking to the guests. Seeing as that ride hasn't been running in the best of conditions, I skipped it. Next place I stopped was in front of Johnny Rockets to dance with the workers. There was a guy out there who taught me the dance moves to "Stayin' Alive". Another worker, a park services employee applauded me and said that he wished he could dance but he'd get in trouble. Now who said that CP employees aren't nice to talk to?

After JR I headed toward Chaos and those rides, but they were supporting relatively large lines, so I headed towards the Splashtacular show instead. I must say I rather enjoyed the show.

Onto the Matterhorn. A great ride to hit up, but a little slow IMO. After Matterhorn, it was TTD. I hadn't been on that since the second time I went to CP this year so I figured I needed some more credit on it. It was a 45 minute wait, but it went down while I was in line so it ended up being 1hr15min, still it was so worth waiting for.

After TTD I went to Magnum and rode in two places I've never been on that coaster, the very front and the very back. Let me tell you, amazing in both spots is the best way to describe it. Back is a lot better though, not as bouncy and more speed.

Once Magnum was done, I headed toward Gemini and rode front seat. Lovely little woodie/steel combo coaster. And they didn't have the annoying guy spieling for once.

Skyhawk was next which was my 4th time on it this season. I recommend going to Cedar Point by yourself, because then you can get on the rides quicker. My 45 minute wait for Skyhawk was only 20 minutes because I was a single rider.

Millenium was next but I stopped and watched a little of the show at the Red Garter, and visited the animals in the petting farm. Also I bought some things from one of the shops in Frontier Town, and chatted with yet another employee who treated me extremely nice.

Millenium was about a 45 minute wait, and that's for the front seat. After I got off the front, I wanted to ride again in the back, and had to wait about an hour. Millenium was running better than ever, and the Live DJ's in line made the experience that much better.

Since it was nearing closing time, I headed towards the front of the park and decided to ride on Disaster Transport a couple times.

Since I've been able to visit CP on my own, I've come to gain a new found appreciation for the employees who work there, and plus I know from experience what it's like to work in the Amusement Park industry.

Overall Cedar Point is inching it's way up past Geauga Lake. Since CP and GL are both considered my "home" parks, I guess they're both about even on my list.

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Did you just compare Cedar Point and Geauga Lake? Surely you jest.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
Wow--you call this a LONG TR? For some of the peeps on here, that might be considered short :)

Nice to see somebody appreciate GL. I enjoyed myself there when I went last year. It was such a nice temperature out there, and the park was cheap to get in ($20), has plenty to ride, and very small crowds.

Of course, I hope it does get crowded around there sometimes so that it makes some money. That park is a gem if it's run right.

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Sorry E i would have made it up but i was testing the Northeast for a different but still solid experience.

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