Cedar Point... Will they try to beat Kingda Ka

Well, as we all know CP hit the 200, 300, and 400 foot marks first, and has a history for challenging the tallest and fastest record repeatedly.

What are your thoughts? Are they going to continue to pursue the record? If so what kind of coaster will they do it with? Another design like TTD would be kind of redundant... so what else is there?

I think they need to build a coaster like Goilath at Six Flags over Georgia. The cars and restraining method on that ride make it sweet!!!

I think someone didnt read the terms of agreement.

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Well since this thread might be closed I'll throw in my two cents now. Kinzel has gone on record saying TTD was a mistake. People don't care about height or speed they care about fun. I'll gladly take Stormrunner over TTD any day of the week.

Paddle Faster! I hear banjo music.

Maybe another racing type of concept. Like Deuling Dragons. But with the most fly-bys.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

According to the Q&A at Coaster Mania, the answer was firm "NO!"
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I don't see a single reason that they would even try.
CP doesn't need to build taller than TTD. KK is going to fall over during the winter.
I hope to god not.

build moar funn coasterz!!!1!1!!

"Don't look back."

It wasnt a Firm "No!" at the Q&A, but rather a suggestive "No". At their current status, a taller ride is not needed for at least 10-20 years. They did put it out clearly that you can't experience a 400'+, a 300'+, and a 200'+ coaster all in one park but one place, Cedar Point. Their new focus is "Fun Rides" rather than "Record Breaking"
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The real question is will CP go taller before GAdv builds a 300'+ coaster....1' taller than MForce... ;)

Talk about disrespect! :)

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BGRooDoG has the idea Cedar Point is not aiming anymore for records except for most coasters and best awards. Also Kingda Ka is not better than Top Thrill Dragster, because Kingda Ka had those restraints put in that ruins the ride. That restraint is good on Maverick and Stormrunner but is horrible on KK, and to what you said about SFGAdv Cedar Point isn't worried and doesn't care about that park, if any park for competition that Cedar Point is looking at is SFMM because it is fast approaching the record for most coasters by clocking in at 16. Thats my $.02 for the day.

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Record breaking is old news for a bit, and why would cp worry about competition coaster count wise with a park across the country that has just removed 2 coasters?
Sheikrafanatic - Yeah, SFMM is definitely Cedar Point's competition... Considering they're thousands of miles away, and on top of that Magic Mountain has been removing coasters... Smart thinking.

Oh - and yeah, Dragster being better than Ka? Totally subjective... But since we're on the subject, I'm really curious if you've ridden both. Your CBC track record says otherwise, but I'll wait before judgement... Although it'd be pretty effin' hilarious if you hadn't and somehow thought your opinion actually mattered.

What's the Po!nt?:0 Seriously, they just built Maverick after a period of inactivity of building coasters. It rides low to the ground and is really fun and very disorientating. And a first for Cedar Point as of late, it has some theming.

CP doesn't need to go any higher than Dragster. They just need to focus on building quality rides--which they are. And remember, the higher you go, the more you start to lose a significant part of your guests who would ride such a thing.


why bother?

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We've gone down this road way too frequently, and seeing as how they just built their smallest coaster (aside from Woodstock) in more than a decade, obviously size is not a driving force. The park gains nothing from having a bigger ride.

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