Cedar Point will rename Dragster as "Top Thrill Cubster" for two days next spring, losing the World Series bet to Six Flags Great America

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Video is very well done and pretty funny.

How far will they go with Cubster naming? Just name referenced on a few signs? Merchandise available? On-ride photos reflect name change? Probably could get a fair number of Cubs fans interested in merchandise.

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Big question is will this count as a new credit? I think it should.

My name is Mike, and I'm a coasterholic.

Most likely, the rename will be limited to the staff calling it "Top Thrill Cubster" and a piece of printer paper with the temporary name taped to the permanent sign.

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They'll make a nice banner that they can raffle off for charity later...

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I understand the coaster will receive a special paint job with red supports, blue track, and white trains. Then after the two days is up they'll paint it back.
It's a good thing they'll have that week between preview and opening weekends.

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It's a good thing that Six Flags and Cedar Fair don't compete, or else Cedar Point would wind up stealing a lot of Chicagoans from Six Flags Great America for those two days and then Six Flags will have to find some weather event on which to blame their poor opening weekend numbers.

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Tying GoBucks89 and sirloindude's comments together. If they did up some special merchandise, and ran a bit of Chicago area advertising with special packages for staying at Breakers, Cedar Point could have a record opening weekend for attendance and per cap spending.

Too bad the Cubs face the Yankees at home that weekend, CP could have really done it up with a few Cubs player appearances and photo-ops with the trophy.

In the event they can't find a weather event somewhere across the country, Six Flags could blame their poor numbers on the Cubs winning.

PLEASE tell me that I'm not the only one who keeps seeing a phantom "h" in "Cubster."

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Hadn't seen that, so the problem appears to lie within your own psyche.


Good luck!

Have to say quite honestly, ... no.

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