Cedar Point will not change Raptor fencing after fatal accident

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Officials at Cedar Point say the park will make no changes in fence height, signage or other safety procedures in response to the death last summer of a man who entered a restricted area under a ride and was hit by an oncoming roller coaster train. The man, 45-year-old James A. Young of East Canton, jumped over two fences in an attempt to retrieve a cell phone he had just lost on the ride.

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I think this is the right move. If they heighten the fence and someone get their selfie stick caught in it (on the ride)

and thrown back at them or someone else .

I know you are not supposed to bring it on the ride(selfie stick) but your not supposed to climb over two fences either .

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LostKause said:

Jinx, Ohio Stater! LOL

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No he used quaaludes, not coke.

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Tek, you win the internets today.

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ldiesman said:

Maybe this is heartless

BrettV said:

not to sound heartless

Heartless my ass. This guy went way out of his way to get himself killed. He jumped *two* fences for God's sake....

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Like this guy cares what anyone says? He's not the one to be careful with. To dismiss the pain, sadness, and embarrassment his family and friends must surely feel is heartless.

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RCMAC said:

To dismiss the pain, sadness, and embarrassment his family and friends must surely feel is heartless.

Are you suggesting that that is what Cedar Point is doing by not altering security around Raptor? Because that's what I was talking about....

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"The term is 'amusement park.' An old Earth name for a place where people could go to see and do all sorts of fascinating things." -Spock, Stardate 3025

No, that's not what I'm suggesting and if you read the thread you'll know my position on the matter.

You're calling out the first two posters here who were trying not to sound heartless in their opinions of the matter, and striking a tone that should make them feel bad for doing so. Respect for the sadness of the situation is not a bad thing and that's all they were doing with their little disclaimers.
And sorry, but I feel non-contributive remarks like yours about this guy's untimely and yes, tragic death are out of line. By now we all know what he did, how it turned out for him, and who's fault it was. And I hope we don't all think he was "going out of his way to get himself killed". He made a very, very bad mistake that led to his accidental death.

We're also in agreement here that Cedar Point is smart in not altering the fence at this time, and nobody is saying this incident was the park's fault. They're erecting a coaster right now with the same, over-compliant low zone fencing around it, so it's business as usual up there. There might be varying opinions as to whether or not the park can and will be held liable if the family should decide to take action, but I think it's safe to say we all think (if there's any justice at all) that they shouldn't be. But we're not part of that process.

So if you were making a productive comment then I guess it's me who doesn't have a clue.
(and that last bit was in response to your remark made before you took to the edit button)

Install razor wire at the top of the fence like a prison. Problem solved. Lol! I just saw it for $30.00 for a 50 foot roll so it is inexpensive.

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I found a spot where the fence is completely compliant, but it would be fairly easy to climb over and into the kill zone.

What is interesting about it is that while it would not be hard to climb *in* to the aforementioned kill zone, it would be extremely difficult to climb back out.

As if it wasn't obvious that there wasn't a lot of critical thinking involved in the decision to jump the fence in the first place...

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Dave! Ssshhhhh....

I think they should not. I feel for the man and his family but its his fault he jumped over 2 fences that clearly state to NOT jump over them. So why would Cedar Point spend their money?

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I'll guess that they'll find/fix the spot Dave is referring to *after* all legal wrangling regarding this incident is completed.

To change anything about the fences before that would be admitting liability in some sense. Legal HATES that.

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This is a really interesting discussion regarding the legal angles of this. I bet the family has been approached by several legal firms pushing for a lawsuit. The argument will be made that the park didn't do enough to keep the guy out of harm's way and as hanging and banging mentioned, they're likely settle.

It's bizarre with the legal standards that are applied when someone pays money to go into a theme park. If you follow common sense and obey the rules you should plan on being safe and expect to not get hurt. But if you break the rules and or don't follow common sense the argument is that the park should have covered you in bubble wrap after you went through the front gate. People get killed on train tracks occasionally. Recently heard about one that was wearing headphones and walking on the tracks and didn't hear the train coming. It sucks and it happened but there were no cries of what could be done to keep someone off the tracks with headphones on.

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