Cedar Point Wednesday June 11th!

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So we arrived at the park around 10:30 and I went straight to get my season pass processed. It was a short little wait and the process went by pretty fast. We get into the park and we went straight to TTD, the wait was about 1 hour and it broke down for about 15 minutes while in line but the ride ops and mechanics seemed to get it back up and running pretty quickly. Finally got on and it was a great ride like always. Seemed more intense than usual for some reason. I also noticed the speedometer was taken down. Maybe it's getting fixed who knows. Next up was Magnum and the line was at the bottom of the stairs, we sat in the middle and had a great ride. Then we went to Witches Wheel and got pretty sick afterwards so we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I paid about 11 dollars for a chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a bottled water. The meal was pretty good and I especially loved the waffle fries.

So after lunch my one friend and I went to Thunder Canyon and rode that while the other two rode Skyhawk. TC was really fun and refreshing. After that we all headed for Maverick which was about an hour and a half wait. It was a lot of fun, but two of the people in our group had never ridden and they thought it was alright. They said the restraints killed the ride. After that my one friend and I sat and drank pop while the other two took a ride on Gemini. Then after that we took a ride on Paddlewheel which was a fun ride as always. Next we went over to Corkscrew and the crew was really moving fast. Props to Sarah (I believe her name was) who really kept the ride going. Next up was Power Tower green side. Right after I get off the ride I barf right at the exit. It was embarassing and kind of surprising because I thought I could handle PT. I guess not now. So after getting sick on Witches Wheel and PT I pretty much know now not to ride anything but coasters and a few other when I go to CP. So next up two of the people in my group wanted to ride Skyscraper and that was an N-O for me so I didn't ride especially after my experience on Witches Wheel and PT. They got the Skyscraper Special which was 2 people for $20. They really loved it. I can't believe how long they stop you at the top for. That would be pretty scary.

So after Skyscraper we head to dinner at Game Day Grille. I got Nachos and they were really good. My other two friends got sandwiches and the waitress said they can't have tomatoes on them because of ecoli in the local area I guess. So she brings out their sandwiches and they have tomatoes on them! So we tell her and she bashes the people in the kitchen and brings us a new meal. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food and there was four of us and the total was like $40 something. Food was pretty good all day and service was good except at the pretzel hut or whatever when we wanted just two cups of water, the line was moving very very slow. I really like the free cup of water deal. Also I had no complaints about the bathrooms, because they were actually pretty clean. So I did not want to get sick (again) after eating my nachos after dinner so I kind of just sat out WT, Raptor, and MaXair while they rode. We did finish the day off though with the Cadillacs and then we left. It was a semi crowded day but wasn't too bad. We also saw Chauncy Billups from the Detroit Pistons getting off the Antique Cars in Frontier Town. Even though I really didn't get that great of a ride count I still had fun and kind of shrugged it off because I knew I would be going back again this summer. Thank you CP for another great day!

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Next time, you should ralph at the exit of the turnpike cars, that would be hilarious. :-D

That sucks that you got sick on those rides, but maybe it was the heat? All I know is, if I was there and I saw it, I might follow suit.

Wow. Top Thrill Dragster was an hour. I did it on 9:00 pm on Tuesday, and it was 20 minutes for each of the 3 rides. It was awesome, and I got in Corkscrew to with no wait.

You missed Cedar Point's scream machine Chaos. Wah.

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Chaos doesn't like me, every time I have tried to ride it since Halloweekends 06 it has broken down as I was walking up to it, while I was in line, or while I was loaded. The closest Ive come to riding it in the past 3 years is being lifted to the starting horizontal position. After attempting every trip I made, August last year I just stopped trying.

Of course opening day this year, I was with my sister, who really wanted to ride so I tried again, it broke just as we got to the start of the queue :(.

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There are only two rides at Cedar Point that made me almost throw up, and, one of them was the drop side on Power Tower. I did the shoot up side with no problemb, but, that drop on the drop side, and the bouncing that followed, had my head and stomach not doing so good. I went straight from the exit to the nearest bench to lay down. My brother laughing his but off at me the whole time. (He didn't go on it with me...he just watched. He's a hurler too.) Not bad, since we saw one woman walk off the drop side and drop right to the pavement. (She fainted.)

later that day would be the second near spew from both of us on Mean Streak. The ride really beat the crap out of both of us. I told my brother it was really rough, but he begged me to take him on it. Well, he was sick the rest of the day, and, didn't want to ride anything else. So he sat on benches holding his chest while I rode the rides.

It was very crowded that day. I think the two of us only rode about 7 rides total. And we were there all day until close. Complete waste of time.

^Good I'm not the only one! I really thought I could of handled Power Tower, but obviously I could not. Not too much of an up and down, spin round and round kinda guy. But I still love the coasters at CP! *** Edited 6/19/2008 3:45:18 AM UTC by Parker17***
Dramamine. Learn it, love it, live it. Bwahahahahahaha!

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I am oddly proud to say that I have never, ever puked at an amusement park. In fact, there was only time when it was even a question.

In 2004, coming back from a trip to Orlando with my wife and then two-year-old daughter, we were all sick with a terrible flu bug. We saw all the signs for Wild Adventures and, having never been, my daughter and I went in while my wife slept in the car. Here we were, no longer running fevers but still feeling quite sick while riding rides in the sun.

My daughter found the Tilt-a-Whirl, and latched right on to it. We rode five times, and we're talking l-o-n-g rides of five or six minutes each. With incredible spinning. Each successive ride brought on increasing waves of nausea. By the time we were done, I very nearly heaved into the bushes. But somehow, through the grace of the universe, I kept it in.

So maybe I can't hold my liquor. At least I can hold my puke at a park. Balances out, in my opinion. :)

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Out of the thousands of times on all these rides (lots of carnivals, lots of amusement parks, tons of rerides), I've only puked once at a carnival, but it was more of a controlled puke, than just barfing, and it was just so little coming out. I also fainted once at MGM Studios.

I felt sick because the night before, I was swimming in really cold weather, and it wasn't too good. The next day I was so darn hot at MGM, and I just fainted in line for the Great Movie Ride. When I was younger, that ride just scared the heck out of me because they would have that person that takes over the vehicle, and they have a pistol, or something. They still have that part, but now I know it's all fake. *** Edited 6/19/2008 3:40:53 PM UTC by Spinout***

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