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I got up at about 4 o'clock in the morning to get on the 8 o'clock flight to Chicago. When I got to Chicago, I rented my car and everything and all that fun stuff. Then I was on my way to Cedar Point!

While driving in Sandusky for a little bit, I noticed how cheap some of the houses were. You could get a 5 bedroom, 2 floors, 3 bathrooms for $50,000. I thought that was a good deal. The house was nice looking too. I guess it's so cheap though due to there's practically no jobs over there..except for Cedar Point of course.

Anyways, I stayed at the Hotel Breakers. My room was on the 10th floor which was nice and I had a very good view. You could see everything in there. All the coasters (some you had to look at the very edge of the window for Mean Streak but..) and it was very cool how you could see Dragster as you lay down in bed looking at how beautiful the ride looks.

But anyways, on to the rides.

The very first ride I went on was Top Thrill Dragster of course. I got the early admission and I was on the second train of the day. I sat in the very front row. That ride is so much more fun in the front row. I love the wind and just how out of control the launch can feel and how fast everything goes by. I went on this 2 times in one day.

Then I headed over to Millennium Force with a 20 minute wait. The line was only on the path that leads up to the station. They seem to run this ride so much slower now. They only have 1 train on the actual course of the ride at once. The new seatbelt rule with Intamin is ridiculous. I could fit fine but there were people that wern't even that big that couldn't go on the ride. Hello, we live in America, isn't America pretty much home of all the fattening foods?? ^_-

After Millennium Force, I headed over to maXair for the first time. I thought this ride would have spinned so much faster as you can barely tell when you are spinning on it. The swinging on the ride is pretty good though. You always are floating around as you reach the way top of the ride. I like how high it seems you are when you are facing down..and how fast the ride goes. It doesn't look like it goes that fast. Incredible speed on the ride. The ride looks so lame I thought..but it is a pretty fun ride. The ride only broke down on the second day (I stayed for 2 nights, 3 days) and it only took about 20 minutes for it to re-open. I went on this ride 7 times through out my whole Cedar Point trip. It really brightens up the park quite a bit.

Wicked Twister was closed throughout my whole visit to Cedar Point. I was kind of sad about that as I love sitting in the back of that ride and twisting backwards. Eh, oh well, I've only been on it about 20 times.

I hit every coaster in the park. I like how Disaster Transport has a new que section (the haunted mummy house thing during halloweekends.) I was nevervous to go in there at first because I thought it would still have all the "mummies" in there but it didn't. It was cool to walk through there without being scared. All the neon lights and everything.

Raptor always had a busy line. It was always at least 1 hour for one ride. I went on it twice..the first time I lost my cell phone! But luckily, I found it the next day in the lost and found area because they do a ride search at night for any lost items. The second ride on Raptor was a 2 hour 45 minute wait...the longest line there.

Dragster always kept a pretty good line..I waited for it on a Saturday and the line was only 30 minutes. :) I liked that.

Gemini is still the same old ride. It was a walk-on for every day it was open. I always wait for the front on this ride because of all the jerks you get on the middle and back of the ride.

Mantis is still a ride I don't like. I always bash my head in the restraints and it kills my legs. My legs are always numb at the end of the ride. I still like the loop a lot though.

Mean Streak is rough as ever now it seems like. I went on it twice..the first time it wasn't too bad but the second time i could almost feel my rib cage being shook around. it hurts! I don't know how this ride looks so amazing..but then gives you a terrible ride.

Blue streak was very fun for me. I went to second to the back and it was very smooth, with a lot of airtime. The ride was also a walk on along with mean streak.

Corkscrew was eh ok. I went on the very front and I was pretty surprised. I didn't bash my head too much except for the corkscrews. The camel back before the loop hurts my shoulders but it is always fun to go on that part.

Iron Dragon was still lame..like always. Waited for the front..walk on of course. the second half of the ride is better than the first half. I like going over the lake but the ride isn't worth waiting anything longer than 15 minutes.

Wildcat was still the same ride. i still love the support color. the limegreen sort of thing. the ride is pretty smooth. I still wouldn't want to wait any longer than 10 minutes for it though...i waited about 7 minutes.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride was fun this time. I went on the front. I like the sharp turns and the hill on the pond.

I hit some other rides too like the log flum (i forgot what it was called). The ferris wheel for the first time..which was incredbily a waste of time for how long the line was..i only wanted to go on it because of the height but it was so..slow..i like the valleyfair! ferris wheel and Camp Snoopy's ferris wheel. I went on the witches wheel, the woodstock express, demon drop a bunch of times because it's one of my favorites (i love going up then just stopping. the ride itself feels like it just came up from the dumpster or something..feels not safe but you know nothing is going to happen to you), Power Tower red and teal, and that's it.

I waited for the front of Millennium Force, it took 40 minutes but it is way worth it. I love going up the lift hill on that ride and the 3 overbanked turns and the tunnels. the camelback by the station always blows me away. I bought a picture on that ride.

Dragster I also went on the front which took about 20 minutes. I also bough a picture for that..is it just me or did they used to have fake really big tires on the way back of the train that made it look more like a real dragster car? I just rememberd about that but I'm not sure if it was really there. I wonder why they took it off if they ever had it on.

The DDR machines they have in the one huge arcade suck. I played Gamelan de couple on heavy and the up arrow was dead..so I "failed" :(

but anyways, i guess that is pretty much my trip. I am going to Busch Gardens in Tamp, Florida on Friday since I have a fun pass. I will put a trip report on that as well. SheiKra is such an amazing ride.

Thanks for reading. I had a lot of fun on my trip. I wish they ran Millennium Force a little bit faster though. Eh, it's just another reason for me to come back to see if they're running it any faster.

The End.

They did have fake tires but the flew off on one of the rides a few years ago so they took um all off. No I am not making that up or being sarcastic. lol

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

I don't think that they have ever run MF with more than one train on the coarse at any one time. There are no blocking brakes anywhere so I don't think that they could. I could be wrong though. The seat belt think has slowed things down though.

2 hours and 45 min for Raptor? Did it break down or something? You should wait untill the evening to ride it. It would be 20-30 min wait MAX, many times only 10-15 minutes.

Great TR and glad you had fun.

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Yea he's right. In the evenings at about 5-6 Raptor has a very short line.]

That's amazing it was that long. Even with a 3/4 full queue I've only waited about 45 minutes.

TTD has been pulling people through at a very good rate this year. Kudos to CP for that one. For all the people who say TTD and KK have terrible downtime you should look again at the now 2 1/2 year old giant and CP. The ride rarly goes down, and the lines seems to be always moving until you hit the ramp. They let a 2 trains full of people (18 on each side) after a pair of trains clear the tower, they keep 3 train wait in the station not including front rows. Sorry about ranting off about it, but I'm really blown away with how well the ride ops and most of all CP has taken control of this ride. It took a while but I think they've figured it out. (Knock on wood ;))

For the Dragster tires, (the worse topic for hardcore TTD fan) were taken off 1 month after the ride opened. The blue train was coming down the brakerun when the tire on the creek side of the ride came off and rolled to the area behind the exit ramp and on ride photo booth. If the tire on the other side came off we're talking about some very serious injuries, since the queue is right beside the track.

Millennium Force is running like crap again this year and for the first time I get the Freeway stamp for MF instead of TTD. The capacity is more than half of what it was 2 years ago. (I blame Six Flags, but that's me) And you said there's only one train on the course at one time. It always has, there's no mid-course brakerun on the ride.

I've never heard of Raptor having a wait over 1-1/2 hours. The ride cycles people through like crazy all of the time.

MaXair seems to be having some growing pains this year since it's new. It goes down for 30+ minutes on many occansions. Amazing ride none-the-less.

I very much so agree with your comment on Mantis. I ride it if it is a walk on, and that's it.

If you read my post over at PointBuzz, I make it clear that something happened to WT the past two years that made the ride the vibrating impluse coaster on the beach. The ride seems to be nothing like the Intamin smooth every one is used to. Though I'm the only one who thinks that. (I must be smoking something ;))

Nice trip report, I've been wanting to stay in Breakers Tower with a park view for a while now, hopefully Halloweekends will allow that.

Question, did you really find Mantis that uncomfortable? I rode it and loved it. I'm a big guy i dont know maybe I fill out the restraints more and maybe my legs can take more shock i dunno, but I always loved that ride. Ive never ridden a bad B&M really. I'm not saying what u guys said is untrue, I just find it odd.


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