Cedar Point trip July 12-18th

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Wednesday, July 18, 2001 5:54 PM
I have been going to Cedar Point for the past 5 years now. I work at Valleyfair in Shakopee, Minnesota for 8 years each month I get a bunch of employee's and take a trip out to Cedar Point what a success. I departed to Cedar Point around 9:30pm Minnesota time and arrived around 10:00am
at Sandusky, Ohio. The drive time was excellent because I drove 13 hours straight through the night with no traffic. My first stop for gas was at Black River Falls, Wisconsin. I got to Chicago around 4:30am and Indiana about 8:00am. When I got to Roadway Inn North a cost for a 4 day stay was about $295.95 a good deal, on 1932 Cleveland Ave around 10:30am on Saturday, we checked in and all fell a sleep for 2 hours than headed towards Cedar Point during the evening because we get Free Admission. Day 1 at Cedar Point we went straight to Millennium Force and waited 3 hours for 1 time, after that we tackled 4 other coasters Magnum Xl 200, Gemini, Mean Streak and Raptor. But Sunday was the best we got to Cedar Point at 8:00am and got in line at the front of the gates around 8:15am which they didnt open till 9:40am. What a day at the point here are some of the wait times: Raptor 45minutes, Mantis 1 hour, Mean Streak 20 min, Gemini 10min, Magnum Xl 200 30min, Blue Streak 20min, Disaster Transport 30min, Millennium Force 2 hours 45min longest wait, Iron Dragon 15min and Power Tower 40min. After we did all that it was 9:15pm time to head to the laser light & firework show which was excellent. Monday we headed to Six Flags Worlds Of Adventure which was a good park Batwing was great never experince a flying coaster. Tuesday we headed towards Kings Island one of my favorite parks to visit. Than we departed back to Minnesota Wednesday morning but on the way we stopped at some more parks: Holiday World in Indiana and Six Flags Great America. For those of you who want news on Deja Vu was not open and they said it probably wont be open this year. But I did ride V2: Vertical Velocity which was excellent plus Batman, Viper wood and Raging Bull one of my favorite. All in all we drove 13 hours 2,600 miles and visited 4 parks in 6 day trip. Cedar Point the worlds largest amusement park you have to experince it for your self! (If anyone is going to Cedar Point in the next few weeks you can ask any questions I was just there what a success. The only thing is run towards Millennium Force in the morning like a bull or else you may have to wait 3 hours for 1 time like I did, if you have questions about the best place to stay or lines at Cedar Point post them I will get back later.) The other trick is if you get in line 30 minutes before the park closes you may get one last chance like I did on Raptor 20 minute wait at the end.

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