Cedar Point Trip 5/25/01

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Monday, May 28, 2001 5:14 PM
Finally getting around to writing this still have to write my Six Flags Ohio (Worlds of Adventure) trip report from saturday will try to do that later on tomorrow.
Friday-Cedar Point
Woke up and the weather outside was partly cloudy, we had scattered showers on and off but really not enough to stop any of the rides.
Raptor- Not having been there since last year the paint job is great. Got 2 great rides and the ride ops were of course great. "Sit back and kick the sky because we are going to take you 137 ft. high" Classic quotes as always from the ride ops. One question though on Friday they closed it down for awhile due to high winds, we went back Sunday and the winds were even worse and Raptor was running the whole day it didn't make sense.
Magnum-Ride and ride again trims were off before the pretzel and man what a ride. Rode 6 times throughout the day. Man this ride is great. We tried different ways of riding for instance once we twisted around and faced backward, etc. I know why this is one of my top 5 the lake just adds to it and night rides are awesome.
Mantis- A good ride a guy decided to get ride of a little lunch on our train and so we had to get off while they cleaned it off and they gave us a new train. Rode it 3 times waiting no more than 15-20 minutes each time. I have been on one other stand-up (Iron Wolf) and one word LENGTH. The ride is long enough to not bang you around so much and high enough to make it thrilling.
Iron Dragon- 3 rides each time coming back to the station cracking up Iron Dragon is great in its own way. Little rides can be the best if your in the right mind set and we were. We did the usual yell like banshees when we hit the manits queue line which of course grabbed everyones attention. The second ride the OTSR fell on my head before I was in all the way and the my friends, the ride op and I all had a good laugh.
Wildcat-Same thing have to have the mind set. Sure enough had a great time. I always laugh when I see that sign that says prepare for sudden stops. Though this time the ride op decided to lift our lap bar before we were completly stopped and we got a nice head jerk.
Power Tower- We got 2 rides on the green side (the red side doesn't have the same thrill in my opinion I like the anticipation and wait at the top) I love how this ride holds us up there for 20 seconds (good pics shhhh don't tell anyone) One of the girls in our group had never been on Power Tower and although she rides everything she was freaked when we got to the top. She loved it though and of course the bouncing effect is just great.
Gemini-3 times and we went 3-0. Red first then blue and then red again. Ride was walk on and like always was great. The first drop always gets my stomach and the final helix is classic gives you so many g's its great. Another great co-op quote " Just Say No to Photography, is anyone even listening to me?" Right after this one of my buddies raised his camera up in the air oblivous to what was being said.
Mean Streak- Rode 2 times in the rain. The ride is better wet! Don't get me wrong its still not what it should be, but rain made this ride just a little more bearable.
Disaster Transport-Had to do 1 ride just for the fun of it. It really is a good dark ride, but if it has to go in order for another coaster to replace it then I would definitely be for it.
Last but not least Millinium Force- Although I didn't get a front seat we decided to get in line once during the day and got a middle seat. Funny thing happened though the Force decided to provide a little "diesel special effect" The motor was smoking something fierce and the ride op was trying to get the people on the ride to clap or something it was a funny scene, one of those you had to be there. They got it taken care of and of course it was a Great ride, but nothing like what the 2 night rides were like. We ran to the queue line about 9:15 and we knew in order to get last car we would have to done before 10:00. We got on the train at exactly 10 we had a loud train which of course are the best. I of course was the loudest and after the ride was over we ran as fast as we could to the line and thanks to a little ride op connection we got in and got the last ride of the day on the very back seat. WHAT A GREAT RIDE AND DAY! Man looking forward to going back sometime soon again.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001 5:24 PM
I am going tomorrow. Man I can't wait!

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