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I've always wanted to write a TR but never got around to it, so here goes. Overall it was a great day as usual. The weather was nice(although a bit muggy) and the crowds were a little heavier than I expected, considering one of the Cleveland news stations did a story about gas prices keeping people away. It certainly didnt seem to be the case today, but it wasnt any worse than an average Friday there. Most rides had less than a 10 min wait. I dont remember the order of everything so I'll just list them off:


Dragster: I went on it twice, and the wait was only 30 mins in the afternoon, which is about as good as it gets. The ride is a one trick pony and I realize a lot of people here dont like it, but I enjoy it every time. It hasnt gotten old yet. I wouldnt wait more than an hour, but the launch still gets me and the whole thing is just such an adrenaline rush from waiting to launch until you hit the brakes.

Millennium: Rode once and waited only 30 mins, which once again is well worth it for this ride. This is still probably my overall favorite coaster in the park, just because it lasts more than 20 seconds and maintains its speed throughout. The hills all seemed to deliver some floater air. I didnt get a night ride which is when it is at its best.

Maverick: Waited over 90 mins in the end due to them transfering a train off. I'd love to reride but I just cant bring myself to wait that long more than once when almost everything else is a walk on. The first drop is awesome and the horseshoe roll and the Stengel(sp?) dives are so different and great compared to the other inversions in the park. The ride is forceful(that airtime hill mid ride might be the best in the park) and the second launch is a plus. The headbanging was minimal.

Magnum: Rode twice, both of which were walk ons. The ride seemed less bumpy than before and the camelbacks are always the highlight, especially if you get the ejector seat. It still delivers after 19 years and IMO is worthy of the praise, considering there is hardly ever a wait. Great ride.

Wicked Twister: Rode twice, and once again both were walk ons. The back is the place to be on this ride. Twisting backwards up the spike is so intense, there isnt anything like it. It could reride it over and over.

Raptor: Waited 10 mins or so. Good ride. It furiously whips you through the inversions. The only headbanging is when you hit the brakes. Its probably best to brace for that.

Blue Streak: The oldest coaster in the park is still one of the best. There was probably 6 other people in the station. Rode towards the front. Those first few hills mercilessly toss you around like a rag doll. Love it.

Gemini: Walk on. Rode mid day since they tend to only run one side early and late, and the racing is its most redeming quality. Still a fun ride with a couple great moments(headchopper!)

Iron Dragon: 5 min wait. I havent had the chance to ride the few other suspended coasters, but I still find this enjoyable when theres no wait. The back seat really yanks you over the hill and the pretzel knot over the lagoon with the mist is refreshing.

WildCat: 10 min wait. I'm glad they fixed this because its such a fun little coaster. The dips and the helix finale are the highlights. The only downside is the slow loading, although the ops do the best they can.

Disaster Transport: 15 min wait. OK this is probably the most loathed coaster on this site, but once again it is enjoyable even if its really short. There isnt much to look at but the dives in the dark are fun. I know the building isnt the most attractive(being generous) but I think it still serves a purpose. Its the only indoor ride(the air is nice when its hot) and I see a lot of younger kids in line for this. At this point this is as close as they are going to get to a dark ride. There is always a little bit of a line, although I'm guessing capacity plays a part.

I didnt ride the 2 kiddie coasters and opted out on Corkscrew, Mantis, Mean Streak, and the Mine Ride. Corkscrew is too short and isnt worth the headbanging. Mantis not only bangs my head but strains my legs and calves. Last time my knees hurt for about 10 mins after, and it always has such a long/slow moving line. I like to sit on my rides and dont want to have to try to figure out the proper way to stand over a bicycle seat so as not to get injured. Its more of a chore than anything.

I usually ride the Mine Ride, and it was a walk on, but frankly it just isnt all that exciting. I know it fits in well in Frontiertown and the younger kids like it, so in that regard it has a place. But I cant help but feel that I wouldnt miss it if something like Sierra Sidewinder or Pony Express took its place. I havent been on either but they seem that they might draw more of a crowd and appeal to more people, and if i'm correct SS's height restriction is less than Mine Ride's 48", so it would be more available to younger kids. CCMR might be old and hold sentimental values, but its bulky and is one of the oldest steel coasters out there, so maintenence has to be an issue. I think its time might be up in the near future. BUT..........

If they MUST remove a coaster, please Dick oh please rid yourselves of that giant heap of splinters known as Mean Streak. I understand that everyone here is overly emotional about wooden coasters, and I can sympathize to a certain extent. I would be pissed if they removed Blue Streak for another gigantic steel monster, but why keep MS? Just because its made of trees doesnt make it historical or special. The only thing it does it occupy a very very large plot of land and more often than not causes you to feel as if your spleen is rupturing. I had a night ride once that wasnt that bad, but c'mon. It must be costly to maintain and the trims just murder the ride anyway. The ride was a poorly engineered failure from the get go. Truly a Dinn Disaster. I dont really care that its purdy at night either. I'll go birdwatching if I want to just sit around and stare at something flashy. Build a better woodie elsewhere in the park if they need another one(they do) and tear this POS down pronto. I'm sure whatever would be put in its place would be worlds better and more appealing. Of course this is all just personal opinion, so dont get all defensive.

Here are the other misc. rides I rode:

MaXair: Rode twice. My favorite non coaster in the park hands down. Such a fun yet freaky ride. The ride cycle is fairly long as well. Both would have been less than 10 min waits if there hadn't been a puking incident.

Skyhawk: Waited less than 15 mins. I give MaXair the edge for sure, but Skyhawk is fun just the same and provides a different experience and feel. Its short but the lapbars give you more freedom. And I'm sure its more popular with people who easily get motion sickness.

Power Tower: Both sides were walk ons. Turbo Drop is very intense, much more so than Space Shot, which is also good.

Demon Drop: Its kinda depressing that everyone knows its on its way out after this season or next I'm guessing. Walk on and a really fun ride. I'd even say I enjoy it more than PT. The freefall is more intense than PT's compressed air drop and the push over the edge adds to the anticipation.

Cedar Downs(how many of these are left?)
Super Himalaya(loooong cycle for CP standards)
Sky Ride
Chaos(I had only ridden this thing once and didnt remember what I thought. Well I soon remembered. Not only did it feel unsafe, but the blood rushed to my head and I felt as if I was going to pass out. I was thankful when it started slowing down. I can understand why they are quickly disappearing. Just....odd.)

Other notes:

The park was very clean with the exception of the sea gull crap which cant be helped. I didnt notice the state of the bathrooms which would suggest they werent bad. The employees were all very friendly. Not one rude one that I can recall. They seem more helpful than years past. Possibly due to management changes? I didnt eat much but the food wasnt bad and the prices didnt seem much worse than the other chains. One thing I have to commend the park on is operations. The ops were for the most part moving as fast as they could, and not only was every ride operating, but not once did I see any ride go down due to mechanical problems. Good job CP. The only thing that wasnt operating was one of the Space Shots on Power Tower, which wasnt needed anyway.

Another observation: there are a few dead areas that need attention right away, or eventually there will only be about a dozen people walking around within them. Namely, Wicked Twister midway and the area around Blue Streak. As I said BS and the 2 rides near it(Calypso and Turnpike Cars) were deserted. I dont know what they use the old Pirate Ride building for other than HalloWeekends and maybe some storage, but I think something new could fit in that space and revive CP's crap corner. I can also see in the future a new coaster or something else replacing the Turnpike Cars and Calypso, and possibly even the Cadillac Cars(leaving just the Antique's in Frontiertown) depending on what they can fit around Raptor's cobra roll. That area would give them room to work with.

As for WT midway, I think they need to take drastic measures. They have pumped millions and millions into this area since 2002 with WT and MaXair plus the new game area. They also moved the Giant Wheel, Chaos, and Troika over there in an attempt to revive it, and it still hasnt worked. WT and MaXair have shorter waits than Iron Dragon which is 15 and 18 years their senior respectively, and its not because of their capacity. There just isnt anybody over there. Even Planet Snoopy seemed empty. I realize that DT will eventually be yanked in favor of something else, so hopefully whenever that time comes it will breath some life back into that area. Somebody suggested that GCI recreate the CP Cyclone. That is actually a brilliant idea. And if the bike show in the old dolphin theater isnt well received, then that space could be useful as well. Again just my opinion.

Thats it. Thanks for reading.

Great report! I hope to get to CP sometime this month.
I'm hoping to get to Cedar Point FINALLY this year, or else my extra 50 bucks paid for the Platinum Season Pass will be a total waste. Asked for a trip to Cedar Point for my first wedding anniversary, but I'm skeptical that that will happen. Still, this is an excellent trip report really giving me an idea of what to expect from the park. It sounds like a good time.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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