Cedar Point: Sunday 6/14/09

  • Very reasonable crowd---40 minute wait for Maverick at 11:15 AM, no wait for wife and son to process pass at 10:30.
  • Entrances of several major attractions still don't have hosts. But, better than Memorial Day.
  • Counter service stand back by Maverick handed me some of my food right when I ordered it---I nearly died of shock. The rest of the order still took 5 minutes (and another cashier poached it the first time it got made, so it had to get made again.) Quality was decent.
  • Staff service/attitude was good all around.
  • Bike/blade show in old aquatic stadium was better than expected. That stadium has a great setting with WT right in the sightline, and the beach/lake beyond. Well worth the time.

^^Sounds exactly like Sunday the 7th!!

Btw, you have to admit, those girls dancing during the bike show was a little weird...also, though I haven't technically seen the bike show, you can watch a lot of it from the WT queue as well.

I was quite surprised by the dancing girls at the "All Wheels" show, but not at all disappointed. ;)

Also the trampoline guys at the "All Wheels" show....that makes almost half the show having nothing to do with wheels! LOL

Still a really fun show.

Riding once again after 18 years of being too fat to do so!

I believe the elimination of most entrance hosts is a permanent thing and has nothing to do with staffing. The thing I can't figure out is why. They still have someone to check heights, etc. but they are usually up at the turnstiles as you enter the stations now. They do (usually) help with crowd control in the stations, but having seen how heated things get when parents are told their kids aren't tall enough for rides at the entrance, I can't imagine how bad it is when they don't find out until after they wait in line.

The All Wheels Extreme show is really good. I was surprised that this year's show spends even more time focusing on the dancing girls than last year's, but I'm not complaining. :)

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I saw entrance hosts at TTD, Maverick, and Millennium Force last week. Didn't see them anywhere else, though.


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