Cedar Point Sunday 5-17-09 It's been two years

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Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Downing Mt. Dews To Get Over the 48 Straight Of Riding Coasters,

I use to go about 2 times a week to CP before I had kids. Then I had one, and another, and next thing, I knew...I haven't been to Cedar Point in two years (last year I opted for Disney World, since it's been about 10 years since I was there.) Well this year the kids are now 4 and 2 so I decided to get a pass =c)

Yesterday, I still had to work at night, but I figured I'd shoot up there for 4 hours for some pure bliss without any of the family, and just ride all I could as fast as I could.

I registered the night before for my online pass, and printed it out...fade to black....4 years ago, I would say the average wait time at the park was 2 hours for my wife and I to get a pass....fade to present...

I arrived at 8AM for my pass expect long delays like in the past at pass processing. NOT anymore! I had my sheet, which parking accepted so I didn't have to pay like in the past, I didn't have to do the first step at paying and getting forms...I just went right up to the picture people and was there for 30 seconds top...who was also friendly...WOW! Chalk one up for CP!

I had 45 min, to get to the Magnum entrance for early ride time. Over at Magnum, they let early riders and hotel people in to the park earlier than the hour, BUT you are held underneath Magnum's track by the entrance.

Rope dropped at nine, and everyone made their way back to Maverick. I only have had previously one ride on it since it broke down two years ago, right after my first ride. Today though, it was running great! I got right on and did a back seat...yep this is one AWESOME ride. I hopped right back in the line before the rest got back there and waited for a GREAT front seat ride. By then, the station was filling up....The ONLY thing I would change is the shoulder harnesses, I think they are a pretty bad design because of the Hardness of them...personally I think they shoul be more rounded, or padded, or something. Just seems like a really weird design for something that makes such quick snappy direction changes. Great ride, so much fun! I was kind of disappointed the gysers weren't working.

I headed up to MForce which the yellow train was stuck on the hill. It wasn't working. The following crowd, then headed over to Mantis, since it was running, and there was NO sign saying closed, so the crowd was heading into the que, only to be turned away by security...hmmm

On the way up to Raptor...Raptor walked right up and on to the front seat.I LOVE RAPTOR it never gets old...first time seeing the cameras they installed on it...kind of freaky with the little red light beeping at me in the other seats. I rode it 5 times until I saw the rest of the park starting to open.

Max air was running so I got in line...then it broke down...saw Wicked Twister was about to open up so I waited...It did and I got right on the back seat! Just a plan fun ride...still not as good as Superman, or Steel Venom, or what ever you want to call it....but Wicked twister is fun, hopped right back on for a front seat ride.

Stopped in Snoopy Boutique which is like being at home, since my Wife and daughters are HUGE snoppy fans. Some nice stuff this year in there...definetly more trendy stuff than before...I see my wife blowing a grand easily in there.

Walked through Planet Snoopy which looks great...very eery and sad feeling recognizing everything as GL rides, but yet happy they found a great home.

Walked back to see about Top Thrill Dragster, since I hadn't seen it running....HUGE HUGE line for this outside the que with employee's sitting in a a train at the launch light...and nothing...never saw it run all morning....

Waited about 10 minutes for Gemini, only because they didn't have both ques opened, and people were crowding up the back of the train entrance, but they were racing great, and as always, a fun ride...I noticed that they realease the blue train REALLY late, BUT it's lift was sped up, It came back from over 2 train lengths behind and and caught up to us on at the crest of the hill..is that new, I never saw them do that before?

Walked back to Meanstreak knowing it wouldn't have a line yet. It didn't, and I survived 2 rides on it. Green train both times...man was it BOUNCING from hell. The train when it was bouncing up and down was actually suprisingly smooth.

The real reason to go back to Meanstreak was to ride Skyhawk since it wasn't opened last time I was there and I have never ridden one of these. I got right on...it took a LONG time to load them check, check, double check, realease, check check, release, check....finally it went off. GREAT fun ride, first half wasn't much, but when you reach full height it really gives you that I'm gonna fly out of my seat and hit the ground feeling. BUT unfortunately the cycle at that point is pretty short. Fun ride, and glad I finally got to ride it.

After a quick 3 hours, I had to make a break for it and get back to work....I had to skip eveything with a line because of my time constraint (like Magnum, Iron Dragon, etc.)

I do have another day off this week, which I'm planninig on goingo without the kids (though it costs like a $100 every time I go without kids.)

Side notes...The new fountain is smaller than I was expecting. It's about the same footprint as before. For it's location it seems that it should have a MUCH bigger footprint with more gysers. Though it can also be just an illusion since CP's midways are SOOOoo big. Staff was great and all smiling at the park. I did hear team leaders twice telling other team members to pay attention. A did hear a couple of resort guests that were upset at the early ride time session because of the rides being down. I got to see some old ACE and GOCC fans, always a blast with them!

Overall, it was just a GREAT time just being able to be a Cedar Point on opening weekend, and just a fun time at the park!

"The Future of Roller Coasters"
Matthew Baughman

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