Cedar Point Sun 10/3, YAY!

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I haven’t posted much of anything in ages, so I thought I’d type a little something about my awesome day..

First to answer Brett’s question, there was absolutely no activity going on at the Wicked Twister area when I walked by…

I had the pleasure of visiting Cedar Point for the first time in quite some time (June of ’03). After judging a high school band competition in Dubois, PA I quickly changed clothes and drove my friend Damian and I to the Breakers Express to gain a little shut eye before the big day. Total driving time was just a hair above three hours and we were both pretty excited about the day.

We showed up to the Marina Gate around 8:35 and it was pretty cold, around 38-40 degrees I was told. The early rides for the day were Millennium Force and Raptor. At 9am we rushed to Millennium Force and rode the front seat of the second train out. Given how cold it was I felt as if it was a bit slow, but still a ton of fun! I was just so glad to be here. We rode again after that in the back of the train and enjoyed that trip, as well. After that if was off to Mantis.

Mantis opened at 9:45 which I thought was really nice of them. We rode the front seat and kinda enjoyed the ride :o). After that we proceeded back to the frontier trail and rode the Mine Ride (Just the two of us) and found a closed Mean Streak. No one was around; it was kind of like a ghost town so we thought we would hit it later. We then proceeded to try to ride Gemini. Both sides were cycling but that was indeed closed for the time being, as well. So then it was off to Magnum.

I absolutely love Magnum. I actually was a ride host on Magnum for a month or two in the summer of 2002… If anyone remembers the spiel which included “The coaster ranked #1 by coasterbuzz.com, The Magnum, XL-200” that was me! Damian and I enjoyed no wait for the front seat, and then we proceed to ride 1-3, and then somewhere in the middle, all in succession. The whole thing was just wonderful with the clear blue skies, the lake view, everything. I especially loved how the fog was in the last tunnel.

As we were exiting the ride we noticed some Dragster trains launching……. Here’s a quick note on Dragster: I visited two times last summer in June and unfortunately I never got a chance to ride…. I wanted to ride so bad I had friends all over crossing their fingers for me that I’d be able to experience TTD. Well, after a 20 or so minute wait my prayers were answered. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the ride. It literally took my breath away. As soon as I got off the ride, I called Danny P. (+Danny) to give him the good news. I felt like the little kid in the candy store who was just given free reign of the store. I was so extremely happy.

To sum up the rest of the day, we enjoyed 4 or 5 rides on Raptor (no wait), more rides on Millennium, rides on the power tower up and down, the Blue Streak (which was a ton of fun), Mean Streak (which was kinda bland) and Gemini (which only had 2 trains running and like a 15 min wait). Damian and I wondered how we could just walk on a ride like Magnum and have to wait for Gemini…. At least the crew was entertained by their line. I also had the privilege of riding Dragster 2 more times, both from the front seat (once in the dark at the end). I was soooo happy (did I already say that? :oP )

Some notes: Are there Go Kart Laws in Ohio? Damian wanted to ride the Go Karts but forgot his license in the car. They would not let him (He is 21 years old)…. Also, where are all the caramel apples??? (sold out two places we looked). I can’t believe how well Dragster was running. I didn’t see a single rollback and from 11-close it appeared as though they were launching trains one after the other.

Well, that about sums it up…. No lines + Dragster + perfect weather + no crowd= incredible day! Four and half hour drive later back at Penn State I still have a smile on my face!

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You have no idea how excited I was for you Jason! I know you've been waiting to get on Dragster forever and you were right with the third time being the charm. I was rooting for you, so maybe I'm the good luck charm. ;)

Magnum is still my favorite coaster at CP, but Dragster is one of the best ride experiences ever (right along with Delirium, SROS-NE, Tower of Terror, Spiderman, and Splash Mountain). I was lucky enough to get 14 TTD rides in this season (I've been to the park 7 days this year?? whoa! that's more than 2000-2003 combined) and I may go again for closing weekend. Nice TR!


I'm glad to hear you got to experience Dragster! We visited the park that day and got to board the first train of the day. I thought that with the cold weather we would get a rollback for sure but that didn't happen. I'm starting to think a rollback just isn't in the cards for me. :(
I saw Magnum Dan was first in line at Dragster but I was too starstruck to say hi. ;)

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You think you're unlucky I have not even seen a rollback before! Was there 2 days and the ride was operating fine. Looking on the bright side maybe I can be the first to say that I was on a rollback before I ever so one.

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We're gonna hit CP this sunday... hope it isn't crowded....
Have never been on TTD, Magnum, MF or even Iron dragon...
last time at CP was 15-20 yrs ago...

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Was there fog in the Magnum tunnels?

You think you're unlucky I have not even seen a rollback before! Was there 2 days and the ride was operating fine. Looking on the bright side maybe I can be the first to say that I was on a rollback before I ever so one.

My first TTD experience was a rollback. It was my first time and first ride EVER at CP (last October on a Friday nite). And we were the only (half)ride for the night. They shut the ride down after we got back to the station. The rollback was interesting, but I was so bummed to have to wait until the next day to get the full TTD experience.

"Little Bat"
was the mine ride open?

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Itlbat the fog was in the last tunnel that day.

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