Cedar Point "Special Event"

Cedar Point has some type of "Special Event" on September 10th and 11th- and as luck would have it- I have a friend coming in from out of town that wanted to hit the park on those days. Does anyone know what this event is and if there's a way to get in on it? thx!

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Honda are hiring the park for their employees, as far as I'm aware.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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I hate buy out days. I am surprised that some one hasn't gone all Clark Griswold when pulling up to the park and finding it closed.

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Honda has bought out the Park for those 2 days. The Park is closed to the public, and will re-open Sunday 9/12

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I see now- a Honda buyout day... Hmmm- well- any qualified Honda employees out there that would like to make two new friends? :) And as we like new friends- and would happily cover your tickets or buy dinner or something... :)

Anyone? Let me know, thx!

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No controversy over the dates they decided to hold the event? :)

I do wonder what it's like on a buy out day at Cedar Point. Is it slow, dead, busy? I have been to Kennywood for a fundraiser and we walked on to the Phanton a half dozen times and left our beer cups on the station floor. Now that was a good time.

The ones I've been to have been relatively busy with not every ride being open and not all full operations either.

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eightdotthree said:
No controversy over the dates they decided to hold the event? :)

The park was closed Dec. 7...too soon? ;)

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The only ones that I have been to were at KI. It was just as crowded as any other day at the park. I think that day they had 3-4 different groups involved in the buy out.

Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

I was at a special buy-out day at Magic Mountain many years ago. The park was just as busy as a normal day, with not everything running. I think that time 6 companies rented the park out.

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I've worked at CP when Honda bought the park out. It was a normal-sized weekend crowd. A little busy.

"Sorry folks. Park's closed. The Moose out front shoulda told ya.

Same as what LK said. I worked the Honda buyout at CP in 07 and it just seemed like an ordinary Saturday. My friends in admissions did tell me they had a lot of angry people show up that weren't part of the buyout.

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The company I worked for in the mid 90's did a buy out at Disneyland from 6pm to midnight. It was very disappointing because we were expecting light crowds but when we got there they had a welcome sign at the entrance and we found out there were about five other companies there. The park was just as crowded as every regular operating day when I've been there. Most lines were 1-2 hours and in six hours we only got on four rides.

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For a number of years now Kings Island has suspended weekend operations for most of September, and thats when the company buyouts and special events take place. People in the area and season passholders have come to expect and accept it, I suppose, and if you visit the website a popup announces the closed dates right up front. I always thought it kind of gave the park time away from the GP to handle the transformation into Hallowe'en as well. When we're all invited back at the end of September the park is ready and the Haunt is in full swing. At any rate, it's better than other parks, where the announcement of park closings can take visitors by surprise, like poor Tim Wojnar and his friend.

I have attended few buyouts, but from what I've experienced the size of the group naturally dictates the crowd. One of the best buyouts that is accessible to all is the Pride Night event benefiting the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Cincinnati. With a crowd of only about 3-4 thousand it's a great friday evening at the park, the weather is usually perfect, and the rides are 1 to 2 cycle waits if not walk-on. It can run 40 bucks or so, but it is the Center's biggest fundraiser and a worthy cause. Those interested will have to wait for next year, however, as the event was held this last friday, Sep 10th, (sorry for the late post, I ain't been payin' much attention) but it's a good example of a buyout that's accessible and doable.

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I wish my closest city had a Gay and Lesbian Community Center. :(

Maybe I'll go to KI event next year. It sounds like a good cause, and the short lines sound awesome!

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Knowing that a lot of buyouts happen around this time a year I always check a park's website just to make sure I don't have a Griswold moment. ;)

I agree, LK, that does sound awesome! :) I wish I would of known about the event earlier.


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I almost had a Griswold moment a couple years back. I decided to go down to KI for a couple weekdays during the last week of August. Made my hotel reservation and everything (and you'll be shocked to learn I got an amazing deal!) Then, on the night before I was to leave, I figured I'd check the website and see what time the park opened the next day, so I could time my departure accordingly.

Good thing I did, or I would've been talking to the moose.

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Yea, Mike, and KI used to be the sweetest deal ever on that "last" week, but alas, no more. Some years ago, I went down during that week to take advantage of a nice slow day and it was great - however - they were very short staffed, and they had obviously taken on temps, or occasionals, to work that week. I would say the average age of those employees was around 70! No kidding, I thought they musta had a late summer job fair at the senior centers, or something! I actually went to the waterpark for bit that day, and after a long climb to the top of the big slide, standing at the top was somebody's grandmother all wrapped up in a sweater! "Now, honey, sit down, cross your ankles, and lean back...can you do that for me?"

It was a fun day... but I think the very next year KI turned the lights out for good on the week before Labor Day...

And LK, you mean there's no center in Huntington? I would think with Marshall and all there would at least be a few to form an active community... On second thought those kids probably high-tail it to Columbus the second they get the chance! (remember, my family's from Ironton Oh, so I'm totally hip!)

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I'll check into that, but I doubt it. This is West Virginia.

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