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Monday, July 7, 2003 7:57 AM
For the first five years of GOCC's existence, I used to do a review of CP's shows for The Streak. I figured I'd continue it here, since I am no longer a member of that club.

Yesterday, I took my folks and my aunt to CP to do a "show day". Here's how I sum up the shows, in order of least favorite to most favorite:

Snoopy Rocks On Ice = This is in the Good Time Theater (formerly the Imax Theater). If you saw it last year, and liked it, you'll probably like it again this year.

I've only seen it one time, and it was the first show of the day at that. The only reason I mention this, is that last year they seemed to use the first show of the day as a training show, letting some of the supporting cast take the lead parts. I'm not sure if that was the case on Sunday, but I wasn't quite as impressed with it as last year.

About half the cast from last year's show was present, mostly in the supporting roles. The only returning featured skater in our show that was a hold-over from last year was the male solo skater. The female solo skater, and the couple's skaters were new. Again, I would need to see this show again, preferably at the 3:00pm showing to see if this is truly the case.

The show itself is exactly the same, but they seemed to be lacking the energy of last year's show. However, it's still worth checking out if you have the time.

Star Struck = This is the show in the Centennial Theatre. Make sure you're there when the doors open, because the pre-show video interviews are entertaining (more so than the clips of videos, that surround them).

Star Struck itself, is a tremendous improvement over the previous incarnation in this theater (Perhaps I was just sick of the seeing the same show three years running...though the name did change). The cast has really improved in the past three weeks (I was at their first and third shows of the season).

High points include the Madonna segment (as the singing is extremely accurate) and the "current artists" segment.

Low point would be the Elvis segment...IN SINGING ONLY. The choreagraphy for the segment is great. In fact the only choreography I don't like is the opening and closing numbers.

Overall, it's a good show and worth checking out. In reality, it's my least favorite of the three smaller venue shows, only because of the nature of the show...there is no audience interaction. However, that won't stop me from seeing it again.

Heart of Rock & Roll = This is the show found in the Palace Theatre (formerly prefaced by "Lusty Lil's").

I really like this show, even better than last year's version. The cast is better vocally, and have more energy than last year's cast (yes, there are a few returning cast members).

This show is very close to beating out America Rocks as my favorite, but they lose out for one big reason. They don't have a full live band...only guitar, sax, and drums, with all other instruments being piped in (I really miss the live bands in every show).

If you like shows, this is a "don't miss" show. Which brings us to...

America Rocks = My favorite show on the Point. Great interaction with the audience, the performers are very good, they have my favorite songs of any of the live shows, and best of all...a full band of bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, and a brand new female sax player, who has brought more energy to the band (I guess having someone who hasn't been pounding out 36 shows a week since May helps the energy of the cast)

You'll find this show in the Red Garter Saloon, and if you're looking for a place to sit down to eat, drink, or beat the heat, this would be my recommendation.

The cast has gotten past the "I can't believe we still have to do this for another few months" point and seemed to genuinely be enjoying themselves yesterday. I highly recommend this show, and if you're there on their day off, head over to Heart of Rock & Roll (or see them both anyhow, both places serve beverages and food, and are air conditioned).

As for the rest of the shows (Splash, Campground Capers, Snoopy's Summer Spectacular, and Karaoke Party), I haven't seen them. For those that see shows, I hope this helps.


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