Cedar Point Sept. 14- Walk on's all day!

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This trip was kinda a last minute trip, just decided to head on down and try to deal with the weather if it got bad.

Got to the park around 12:30, ate a quick lunch in the car and then headed into the park. First ride of the day Blue Streak, it seemed very smooth today and not jerky at all and it was a walk on. Raptor was also a walk on at the time too. Next we went to Corkscrew, walk on and an ok ride just a little jerky, but fun. Next headed on over to Magnum and aa usual it was a walk on, I still love the air time at the end the second bunny hop always gets me. We then walked on back to Frontiertown to see what Maverick's line was and it was all the way up to the station. Went on front seat and had a great ride, I love the speed you get coming out of the tunnel.

After a great ride we decided to try out a haunted house. We went to the closest one which was "Undertake U" and went right on in. I've only been in one tiny little haunted house but this was nothing like that, it was a good scary and had some cool special effects even if it isn't new for 08 it was still real fun I got a good scare too. Decided to spend $3.87 on a ripoff drink. I don't know if they've went up or not but i thought they were cheaper earlyier this year. Took a quick ride on Skyhawk which was another walk on and then headed down Frontieer trail to Millienium Force. Millienium Force's line was all the way up to the station and had a great fun ride as usual.

We then walked over to the Wiked Twister Midway to ride "Diaster of a warehouse" or better known as "Diaster Transport". Before going on it we went through "Pharos Secret" it wasn't as scary as "Undertaker U" but still scary enough. Then we walked all the way to the station and got right on Diaster Transport. This time all of the scenery during the ride was lit up and you could actually see it. It didn't look to bad.

I then split off from the group and rode MaXair twice both times a walk on. Then we headed over to Blue Streak just for another ride since it was the only one open in the rain. No one was in line so the ride opps let us stay on the train I ended up going five times in a row all in front seat. Kinda fun in the rain ow. By then we were all tired and decided to go on home.

Thoughts: Ride opps are still doing a great job! Screamsters really scare the crap out of people I guess thats what there for. The park is all decked out and looks really neat with all the decorations. Gotta love all the pumpkins All rides were under a 15 minute wait or less.

Ride Count: Millienium Force x1, Maverick x1, Skyhawk x1, MaXair x2, Diaster Transport x1, Blue Streak x5 (in a row, new record) and 1 more.

Haunted Houses: Undertaker U x1 and Pharohs Secret x1

Overall Great day not bad of weather, can't wait for my next trip in a few weeks!

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I was there the night before and it was SO dead (no pun intended.) :) I never saw Dragster's station THAT empty except during one BooBuzz.

I really loved the Club Blood. It reminded me of a goth bar I went to once. ;)

I also had one of the BEST Blue Streak rides ever!


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It was dead the whole weekend. I've never seen CP that empty, but it made for a ton of rides which I'm not going to complain about.

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^And I somehow got the Jr. Gemini credit! What a magical weekend! :)

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