Cedar Point rides at Niagara Falls

So I was up in CA this weekend at Niagara Falls....in one of those arcade places on Clifton Hill, I ran across a little ride for little kids called Kiddie Coaster. For 2 Canadian quarters, you could "ride" the Blue Streak and the Gemini (CP). You sat in a little cart with a bar to brace yourself, and a TV screen right in front of you showed the footage. I'm small enough to fit in there, so I gave it a try...it was pretty cool, the little cart actually moved with the hills and everything!

It just struck me as weird that they'd have a ride like that up in CA! But I guess that just shows how awesome CP is! But why the Gemini and the Blue Streak? I looked for a year (copyright or something ) on the ride, thinking maybe those were the two newest rides at CP at the time the ride was made, but no luck.

Oh well, it was an unexpected pleasant surprise!

Check it out if you're anywhere near the falls.

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They have those all over the place.

There's a couple older threads where people have mentioned places they've seen them.

The Dave and Busters in Cincinnati has one, but they have Mantis and Magnum also.

It was the best Mantis ride I have ever had! :)

They had one of those at Walt Disney World and Island Of Adventure.
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IIRC there was one at SFMM, too...which is ironic since the simulator was better than some of the real coasters in the park! LOL!
The air time on the return trip was amazing on Magnum simulator.
Theres one at The Mall at Robinson here in Pittsburgh.

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Yea I live in upstate NY and there is one at a mall near me.
They have a video game here on campus (University of Maryland) that has a moveing base to simulate movements and such. For $1 you can either play one of the 4 or so games that utilize the simulator base, OR you can sit back and "ride" Phoenix, Raven, or The Legend.

I have seen the one you're talking about though. The one I think I saw was at Potomic Mills in VA. Seemed really small for anyone reasonably large to ride. The one I saw could fit pretty much anyone of any size

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Up in Gurnee, where Sfgam is, they have one in the mall up there. Interesting to watch, but not fun to ride! I could hardly get out of that thing (I'm not fat) and it was very jerky! :)
There is one for sale on ebay, I came across it the other day.

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They have one at the Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach. I also thought it looked kind of small for an adult. Then again, I've probably wedged myself into smaller kiddie coasters ;)
I saw a magnum one once here in San Diego, I swear the machine seemed to partially underground though, very strange.

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They have a TTD one at the Dave & Busters in Philly...just kidding, but it would be interesting to see how they would do that...

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They could pull it off with the MaxFlight Coaster Simulator, though I doubt people would want to spend money on a 30-second simulator ride.
Chuck-E-Cheese here in Altoona, PA has one. Both of my nephues like them a lot. When they are a little bigger, I will take them to ride the REAL ones.
Mmmm, Chuck-E-Cheese. Where a kid can be a kid.

Thank God they serve beer! I love the lead singer gorilla, and the one in trash can. They rock out!!!

they had one of those at ParmaTown mall in ohio for a while... thing kept breaking...

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Here is a simulator for sale on FAO web site, it includes a roller coaster ride as one of the rides. Its only $300,000.


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Here is a coaster simulator for sale on ebay.


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