Cedar Point removing Sandcastle Suites and former Aquatic Stadium, while extending boardwalk to main parking

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Cedar Point announced in a blog post that it will demolish the Sandcastle Suites hotel, along with the adjacent Breakwater Cafe. It will also remove the former Aquatic Stadium. The current beach boardwalk will be extended all the way to the main parking lot.

Read more from the official Cedar Point Blog.

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Bring back the Intamin Death Roll while we're at it, too.

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OhioStater said:
I, for one, would love to see those original chasey-lights that went up Magnum's lift hill return.

Right on! It would be awesome to see the original illumination restored on Magnum’s lift with some new LEDs. Bring back the strobe lights in the tunnels too!

I must have missed this the first time it came across, but one of the other Winter updates:

Midway Entertainers: Live music comes alive on the midways with The Traildust Trio, performing classic country in the Gazebo near Town Hall Museum; The Tomfooleries guitar duo will entertain with comedy and music in the Palace Theatre and on FrontierTown’s streets; The Swell Tones will serenade guests with their classic 50’s musical stylings on the Main Midway; the Roving Beach Crew will wander the midways, interacting with guests on their quest to find the Cedar Point Beach; and the Summerdaze Band takes the stage at Cedar Point Shores Waterpark.

Adding this sort of streetmosphere/entertainment is a fantastic move. I got a pass for the first time in maybe five years, and am really looking forward to the season.

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It will be interesting to see if they introduce a version of "Ghost Town Live" at Cedar Point. I had expected that this year, when they announced there would be changes to Frontiertown beyond Steel Vengeance. Knott's ghost town is a little more amenable to an interactive experience than Cedar Point's Frontierland I would think, and it's probably easier to get a large number of talented actors in Southern California.

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I really want to see Ghosttown Alive but we missed it by two weeks in 2016.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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For the uninitiated, what is Ghosttown Alive?

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Live actors acting out interactive scenes all over ghost town and in the buildings. With guest participation encouraged. Very improv.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Ghost Town Alive is a persistant, seasonally evolving tale about the inhabitants of Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town. Knott's Ghost Town has a similar theme to Frontier town, but more of the buildings are of a historical recreation than Frontier Town, which is all functional. You can peek into the Jail, and see the cell. So a few years ago, they hit upon the great idea of having the townsfolk around, telling a season-long story. There are daily arcs for the one-time visitors, up to overarching seasonal arcs. Of course, there is a lot of crowd interaction, and daily events. I haven't seen it, but it sounds fascinating.

Here is a good overview: http://www.westcoaster.net/home/2017/6/22/ghost-town-alive-2017-review

I was hoping they would use the land the planning building is on and build a parallel street of Frontiertown that would facilitate this back when Mean Streak Speculation Mania was in full effect.

Los Angeles also has no end of actors looking for jobs. Sandusky, not so much.

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