Cedar Point puts on a great Friday the 13th event

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Thanks to the crew at Cedar Point for putting on such a great event for the kick off of Hallow Weekends. If you missed it, start kicking yourself now and hope that they do this again next year.

We weren't able to get to the park till nearly 6 pm but the rides were all station waits at worst. I'm sure that if we could have gotten there at 4 when the event started we could have gotten some serious power riding in.

As it was we got a few rides in before dinner at Midway Market. I was just expecting the same old fare but was presently surprised with the prime rib and other treats such as pork roast and peel and eat shrimp. They also offered adults beer, wine or Mike's hard lemonade.

Desserts were more of the fall variety with a focus on Pumpkin with pie, rolls and even pumpkin ice cream.

After dinner, we got EST at the new house "Zombie High School". It was pretty typical of a park haunt but with a funny ending that made me think of Porky's.

We also got a nice Bag-o-Swag with a hoodie and a knit hat.

Thanks again CP for another great night.

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Fantastic Event ! A huge Thank You to everyone at Cedar Point for putting on this evening.

We arrived and went thru Guest Services a little before 4:00 and headed to Gatekeeper. The gates opened right at 4:00 and we loaded onto the second train. There were enough riders to fill the trains, but no wait between rides. We rode 6 times before 4:30, with a couple rides where we did not even have to leave our seat. On the few when we changed seats, the ops did not make anyone go thru the exit and around. You just moved on the platform to another seat.

Next stop was Millenium Force. This was a lot like a BooBuzz crowd, if you got off the blue train in the exit platform, you loaded on the blue train in the main platform. 4 rides in 20 minutes. For those keeping score that was 10 rides in a little over an hour. I don't know if that qualifies as power riding, but it should be close.

Now it was 5:15 and the early entry "crowd" was coming in. We headed back toward Midway Market for dinner, and stopped for a quick lap on Raptor. At this point we were beginning to discover that we are getting too old to cram this many coasters in that short a time. Even though we could walk on to Raptor and power ride, it was time for a break.

We expected dinner to be a typical Friday night pizza buffet. Great surprise to see the full buffet offering with beer. The food was pretty good for buffet fare. After dinner we redeem our tickets for our gift bag and were pleasantly surprised to find a Halloweekends hoodie sweatshirt and Halloweekends hat. Wife always wanted these.

At this point, stuffed and sore, we took a slow walk around the park, took in Skeleton Crew, very simialr to last year with a few new elements thrown in, was dissapointed that the Overlord ceremony has apparently been discontinued, caught a few quick laps on Magnum (walk-on) Maverick (25 minutes), and Iron Dragon (walk-on). Went throught the outdoor haunts (still love the Pirates) and around 10:30, headed for home.

All in all, an Epic first night for Halloweekends. Thanks again to everyone involved at CP. Please do this again next year!

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Agreed. It was a great event put on by Cedar Point. I ended up riding Gatekeeper 6 times only because I couldn't stomach power riding like I used to. I had to get off and walk around to pace myself. I was also surprised with the buffet they served at Midway Market along with the drink.

I got to hang out with Raven-Phile most of the night and we decided to try and do the Zombie Crawl, where you get a card and get it punched at the entrance of each of the 4 haunted houses. Your card goes in for a drawing and the 13 cards picked get a prize.

I was also in the right place at the right time to do something I swore I'd never do again after Xcelerator's accident: ride the front of Dragster. Still as powerful as I remembered.

The Screamster's Central tour was pretty cool. That was at the second level of the dark ride-- er I mean arcade. We learned about what goes into making up the 500+ screamsters every night of Halloweekends. That's where we also learned the Overlord was discontinued. No reason was given, other than it wasn't working as they hoped it would.

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Thanks to the crew at Cedar Point for an awesome event, you guys went above and beyond my exceptions. The buffet was very good and the gift bag was unexpected and great.Thank you for a great night.


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I was there with my son last night but had not heard of this event. Was it invite only? Special price add-on? Coaster Club?

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It was really a fantastic night. I hope they do it again sometime. I got my first rollback on Dragster. Woot woot. (:

you needed a club card

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