Cedar Point PP Ride Night 6/25 TTD/Magnum + Bonus ERT

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Cedar Point had one of their Platinum Passholder Ride Nights with TTD & Magnum scheduled for 1 hour of bonus rides. At about 5 PM we made the decision to head north for a quick visit to the Point. We left the house at 6:45 and scanned our passes right at 9:00 pm.

Since we had 1 hour before the park closed we chose to park in the main lot and ride Raptor. The sign said 1 hour, but I think someone was playing it. We were on the ride in less then 10 minutes. We then booked it over to Millennium Force to find one queue open with a 1/2 hour wait. Since this was going to be our only chance to ride it we got in line. After our ride it was pushing 10:00 pm and park closing.

We got over to Dragster to find a line that went back to grand stand. We walked up front to find that the ride was still open to the public and that they were not going to start the ERT till they cleared the station. We got in just before she closed the line. I have no idea why these people were waiting when they could have been in line for the ride and would have still had 1 hour of ERT after they got off. As it turned out we lucked out with our decision, when we went around to get in line for our next lap they announced that TTD was down and suggested going to Magnum.

We did just that and got 3 laps in with a 1-2 train wait each time. As we got off our 3 lap, we heard that they scrubbed TTD for the night and were going to open Maverick for 1 hour. It was not 11:00 pm and the ERT was just starting. We got over there and got 4 laps in before they closed the line. As I was getting off, I noticed an empty seat so like any true enthusiast I filled it and got the last train of the night. We then took the mile long walk back to the front of the park and exited the gate at 1:00 AM. A pretty good night for 4 hours in the park.

Ride count
Millennium Force-1
Top Thrill Dragster-1

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We got into the park around 6:30 and were tempted by a half hour wait for TTD and foolishly got in line. As is typical of the last dozen times I've ridden it, it broke down as we got to the ramp. Since we were sticking around for ride night anyway, we had less patience than usual and got out of line after only a few minutes of downtime.

That right there demonstrates exactly why I attended TTD ride night, because during the rest of the year I hardly ever get to go on it. And last night was no exception.

I actually like Maverick better anyway, so I'm glad they were able to open it, but I can ride Maverick any old time. I figured with ERT, I'd at least get a few runs on TTD and could ignore its temptation the rest of the season. :)

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