Cedar Point: No injuries, no crash

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According to public relations representative Janice Witherow at Cedar Point, six people were involved in a minor incident Saturday resulting in no injuries on the White Water Landing flume ride. Two boats were jammed at the point where the two runs join, when a third boat bumped one at less than 5 mph. The six riders were transported to the hospital as a precautionary measure, but none of them were injured. This is contrary to the AP report that indicated seven riders were involved with minor injuries in a collision.

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See, one phone call to get the facts straight does wonders when you're a reporter.

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It couldn't have been any worse then bumping the boat in front of you going into the station.
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5 MPH? Where I come from that's considered a "love tap"...

Crito, ergo sum.

Man everyone made it out to be much worse.


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Wow! Cedar Point impresses yet again. They definitely err on the side of safety rather than being sorry. Definitely a CYA overboard!

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Really they didnt even need to send them to the hospital, but that would have been the right thing to do.

Yet again another story blown out of proportion (sp?) by the press.

Cedar Point vs. SFMM-like 15 isnt enough?

Any fact that is not verified is a fabrication in my book. I guess that don't teach that at journalism school any more. *** This post was edited by Phyter on 7/22/2002. ***
I can't believe that I just saw this on KDKA News in Pittsburgh. Of course, their facts were 7 people were hurt but none of the injuries were serious.
5 MPH can actually do a bit of damage from a massive coaster train, but not a small floating boat. It's all about momentum (have you seen the damage that dust particles in orbit can do to the space shuttle?). If I recall correctly, Beast collided at about 5 MPH and there were a few injuries.

My two favorite coasters are named Superman.

Those boats hit obstacles along the river at faster speeds than 5mph sometimes...
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5 MPH is about the same crash speed we experienced over and over again on Kennywood's flume yesterday. There was NOBODY there so they were running about 5 boats. we were allowed re-rides, so they would just let the boat float through ths station brakes and bump into the boat that was waiting to head out onto the course. we were moving kinda quick, but log flume bumps are to be expected.

oh well.


No way, they had to life-flight me out, remember?
Im guessing that Cedar Point sent the people to the hospital to verify there were no injuries so that somebosy cant come back 6 months from now and claim they are bed ridden as a result of the injury. In todays day and age you have to defend your self against ambulance chasing lawyers.
Ok, 5mph. Has anyone rode Wild Cat at CP? Those cars don't bump in the station they collide(although they are designed for it it still hurts). Oh, call waaaaaambulance.
Bob O has it right on the money. With all of the press coverage of accidents this year, Cedar Point didn't want these people to get any funny ideas about lawsuits.
Which, being regular people, they probably would have. As I always say, "In todays world, you can sue anybody for just about anything, and you'll probably win/" Its a darn shame.
So everytime that boat bumps at 5 mph now they have to send people to the hospital, are they forcing these people to go.

Now if the 6 where not hurt and forced to go do they have a suit for haveing there day ruined by having to go to an ER which are slower than SF lines lol.

Edit: thanks Jeff I corrected, my dumb a$$ is worse than the AP.

Army Rangers lead the way
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There were only six people, not seven.

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7/27: Subdivision Cam becomes party cam at the year's hottest Ohio luau!

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