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Ok now I have been to Cedar Point 3 times at varrying points of the year... only once on a weekend and I have had an aweful experience everytime. Let me ask: are the lines in this park ever less than an hour for a descent ride. A random thursday in june should not produce 2+ hour lines for rides like raptor, mantis, mf, and maverick. There is a huge problem.... many of the employees are very dumb and unassistful. People smoke whereever they want... there are no designated smoking areas (a very big plus to the six flags chain). There are actually very few rides at this park that impress me and i believe that it should not be the #1 park. First lets take a look at that "record breaking" list of 17 coasters.

1. Jr. Gemini and 2. Woodstock Express : Why do these even count towards the parks count... they are useless for it... they are kiddie rides.

3. Disaster Transport... im sorry but this shouldnt even be considered a coaster... its kinda fun but very lame... its an indoor small dip bobsled ride... not a coaster.

4, Wicked Twister... its fun but also shouldnt count... its small goes back a forth... a thrill ride... not really a coaster

5. Top Thrill Dragster- It goes up it comes down... it goes fast... its fun - but its just a cheap thrill ride... .i have never been on a train that cleared the top... the realiabliy is just attrocious... ive had 2 rollbacks on this thing.

6. Wildcat- this is another piece of junk ride that looks like it was picked up from a traveling carnival.

7. Corkscrew...- well at least this is the first real coaster but its small , rough, slow, and boring plus really short.

8. Mean Streak- the most uncomfortable wooden coaster ever... even the bottom of the first hill is trimmed... it was even more painful then (do i say it) Son of Beast

9. Blue Streak- Classic Tiny Wooden Coaster no thrill value

10. oh i almost forgot the cedar creek mine ride... this worst mine train ride in opperation... also shouldnt count

11. Gemini- they dont time the racing well and this ride has become very rough in the back... its also a complete steel coaster... no escuse for roughness... used to be better

12. Iron Dragon... Fun but not intense at all like BBW, Flight Deck (KI) or Ninja (MM) kinda boring actually

Wow 12 down and not 1 good coaster yet

13. Mantis- The line moves sow ridiculously slow and the loading is just painful to watch... Look up Riddlers Revenge at Magic Mountain and Chang at Kentcuky Kingdom... they did it right. This ride has awkward transitions that result in a lot of headbanging

14. Magnum- I actually like this ride.. It seems slow at some points but has some huge ejector in the middle of the train.. first good coaster

15. Raptor- The line is always huge but good as a late night ride... Pretty nice B&M invert... however its upstaged by alpengiest at busch gardens.

16. Millenium Force... has arguably the best first drop on any coaster but is dissapointing after that point... there is like no airtime on this and the overbanked turns (there are a lot) are not steep enough. The rest of the ride is just pretty boring... it goes fast... thats about it. I like the last little section but thats not enough to make the ride great... but that first drop is something and view is sweet from up there. The tunnels are really hot and nasty during the summer too

17. Maverick.,... My favorite ride in the park because its the only real intense coaster to me when ridden in the back row.. Huge airtime on the cammelback and those transitions are rough. The second launch is really cool and the first drop is nice and steep. The ride is very painful on the neck but I actually liked it... far from the best though

So there I rated all the coasters here and theres just nothing really special. The park has some OK shows... has like no dark rides... doesnt have a log flume (although they are getting one) and the kids section is nothing like the best at Kings Island. Its a much overrated park...

I wonder if anyone agrees with me on this... I actually like Six Flags Chain, Kings Island, and a few other parks over this one. Im dissapointed after 3 trips. 1 was a full week

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Magic Mountain deserves the crown back and they will be getting it.. they're adding a new coaster this year to add to their awesome lineup... im so exited

Cedar Point in my mind is the #1 park in the world and you sound like a very hard person to please! They do have smoking areas by the way and rude smokers who break the rules. I was just there and major rides had 30 minute waits! Weekends have long lines and also mid summer. And CP has the best ride ops around. And I think you are full of BS! But everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

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I havent seen one of these topics in forever I wonder how long it will take to get closed?

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Go in April or May to get around crowds. Weekdays are not too bad earlier or later in the summer either.

CP has some pretty intelligent ride ops.

1 and 2 are still coasters, so of course the park is going to count them as such. Plus Woodstock is really fun!

3 has wheels and a track, and follows a path. It's a coaster too. I actually really enjoy it a lot.

4 is really a coaster. I promise.

5 is the most expensive ride in the park, so it is in no way a cheap thrill ride. You are very lucky to have got a rollback, as it is a coaster enthusiasts dream.

6? You are a coaster enthusiast, right?

7 is wasn't considered boring when it was built, and it was one of the first looping coasters "on the planet".

8 is pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as SOB, imo.

9 has a lot of airtime, and a lot of thrill value.

10 why should mine ride not count as a coaster? It is one. Yes, it's not the most thrilling mine ride on the planet, but the in-between-kids need something to ride too.

11 is awesomely fun, after all these years.

12 is kinda boring, I agree, but it's perfect for the in-betweens, once again.

How is the 13 any different from Chang at KK?

The only place where 14 is slow is between the station and the first drop, and the approach to the station. GREAT RIDE!

I bet you that more people like 15 more the Alpie.

16? How steep do the overbanked turns have to be to be enough for you?

17? At least you like one of their coasters.

It takes some time for a park to collect so many coasters, so of course not every coaster is going to be brand new. When you are older, probably around 8th or 9th grade, you may start to have an appreciation for the historical aspect of coasters.

I believe that at least 99% of CoasterBuzzers would disagree with your overall post.

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Wow, this a real piece of work right here. Honestly Jimmy, your reasoning hurts my brain.

Are those "dumb" ride-ops the same people that told you "unassistful" is a word?

Holy smokes!!!! When I worked at CP in '05 (dare I say that lest Jimmy goes off on the OTHER aspects of CP? :) ), it's guest who are a particular type that drove the staff INSANE!!!!

All the coasters at CP are fun for varing age groups. Not everybody likes inverted coasters or wooden coasters.

Some people just can't fit on others. CP is trying hard to keep a varity.

Okay, Jimmy, I'm gonna put this to you: is there A SINGLE COASTER built BEFORE '07 that you would keep?

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Everyone knows that long lines indicate how unpopular a park really is.

Thanks for giving CP some of your money.

Maybe we can be assistful in finding Jimmy Boy another hobby.

Maybe politics...

Scratch that. He'd probably work to have al roller coaster banned and kids wropped in foam & bubble wrap.

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This is coming from the guy who just said in the SOB thread that they are going to put a new loop in the SOB, won't take it out because it's a record breaker, and "don't want to waste all season trying to tear it down." Just sayin.

I'm sheriff of this here rollercoaster.

Go play in Camp Snoopy you rookie! There are more than just rides that make a park great!


Forget about Camp Snoopy. This guy need to sit in the kiddie pool for a few years.

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Trolls suck.

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