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I don't know when this was added, but I just found it and will be using it every time we go to CP. http://www.cedarpoint.com/tickets/

$10.65 per person. All options include a refillable 32oz. souvenir cup! Meals are available at: Round Up, Midway Market, Dragons Inn or Bayou Refreshment. Menu items include, chicken finger basket, hot dog meal, all-you-can-eat buffet or other great choices.

I have always enjoyed our meals at Midway Market and add to this a refillable cup and you have a great value. As I have said in the past, I am willing to spend money at a park if I don't feel like I am getting bent over.

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I like the midway market value best for inside the park eating. Yes, it's a buffet, but not to bad of one (I mean for amusement park food), but the price does include the drink...and the drink is bottomless of course. If you have the CP getaway guide, I think you can eat at the Midway Market with drink for $9. That's a STEAL compared to rest of the park when you factor in drink and what you get.

That's a great deal, if all CF parks offered it I would use it at Dorney almost every trip. I just looked at Dorney's page to see if it changed (last year it was only available with a full price ticket purchase) and now it's $16.99 on it's own that gets you a meal and a snack with no drink.

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Wow the Midway market is still $9 for All You Can Eat. I didn't think it was that cheap. I know I totally forgot about em when I came to CP last year because for 1. I wanted to try Pinks out and 2. the 2nd Day I was there I was not near there and I saw a Pizza Hut in the park and was craving Pizza at the time. (They had a good deal on the Kids Meal which came with Fries, I love Pizza and Fries!)

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It's worth noting that if you buy that deal online, you pay the $5 processing fee for online ticket purchases. You can buy the meal deal at the ticket booths or guest services at the park and avoid paying that fee.

Also, the regular prices at Midway Market fluctuate. I believe the cheaper price is $12.95 and the higher price is $17.95. Not sure if they change it between lunch and dinner, or if it's based on crowd levels, because I swear some days I've seen the higher price out front all day, and other days I've seen the lower price all day.

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CP Chris, I think it has more to do with crowd levels and or day of the week.

The meal deal offer says "online only" but I have no idea if that is actually true. As to paying for things online and getting charged a "convenience fee" is such bull crap. It is more convenient for the park, not the guest.

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I wouldn't buy it. The food in the park seems to have reverted to being terrible this year (I haven't had the pizza, which at least appears ok). The worst was in Joe Cool, where everything is bland commercial food service crap. Not good at all.

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I like the Midway market at Cedar Point, and that is a great deal, considering that a subway sandwich and a soda is over $20.00 there, with no refillable cup. The food is also fairly decent, and it's air conditioned!

As for the price differences, I have talked to a few people, and they claim that prices vary during the season, as does the menu. You will probably find a larger variety of food items on the buffet in July and August during peak season, then you would in June or September. And, like any other buffet, you usually pay more for dinner than lunch. I have heard that they might charge more for the buffet on the weekends, than they do during the week. But, I usually go during the week, so I have never noticed.

The last time I went the Buffet, it was $12.95, which is about the price of any other buffet I have been to. I would have loved to get a park mug! That would have been the decision maker. That is if you can refill it as much as you want. I heard that you are only allowed one refill, but, with so many pop stands in the park, how would they know how many trips you make?

I wonder. Do they also offer an all day drink wristband?

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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There's nothing to "claim," the price can apparently change day to day.

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Yes, there is an all day wrist band available for $5.00. At CP they put it on the cup so that anyone could get it refilled. This is a great deal and I have purchased it at KI and CP. It was offered at KD, but we were only there of a few hours, so not worth it.

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I too found the food very disappointing this year. I was expecting some kind of change, but I have yet to find it this year.

I agree Joe Cool is NOT the place to eat, but little kids love the place. The only thing to eat there for the price would be maybe the pizza hut salad bar.

The Midway Market has some rotating food...I think I have seen some fruit and various forms of chicken (BBQ, fried ,etc) as well as the ice cream changes (they have usually 6 flavors). The one thing about the midway market is yes, it's nothing special, but you can build your own burger, it has pizza...all of which other stands have, but it's bottomless.

I still have my Snoopy Refill glass that my kids like taking from 1 or two years ago. And CP always fills it up for the re-fill price with no problems....I must admit, I never thought I'd be one of the people that brings a re-fill glass into the park, but when I have two young daughters that like theme parks as much as I do... =c)

Reverting to the old fry recipe seems to have been a plus for food this year. The sweet deals for platinum pass holders was also a huge plus. Other than that, it seems most things are the same or worse. I've heard from several friends that the offerings at the employee cafeteria have improved tremendously this year, so hopefully that will somehow eventually translate to the rest of the park.

My biggest complaint so far this year was about availability of food. On July 4th, when the park was open until midnight, we decided to look for food shortly after 10 PM. Two hours before park closing, we could not find a place to spend our money. Famous Dave's, Gameday Grill, Panda Express, Joe Cool Cafe and Midway Market were all closed. Instead, the Burger King on 250 got our money on the way home from the park. If they want to focus on keeping guests at the park later to spend more money, they're going to need to actually keep things open for them to spend money at.

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DaveStroem said:

Yes, there is an all day wrist band available for $5.00.

Hmm, really? I thought they did away with this a couple years ago after some kids starting have "soda wars".

I had a few not-so-great food experiences at the park yesterday. The chicken at Midway Market, which I'd had earlier in the season and had been very pleased with, was disgusting this time around. The breading itself was delicious and reminded me quite a bit of Mrs. Knott's classic recipe; under the skin, however, there was very little meat at all, and what there was appeared greyish and sickly.

Also, the half-pieces of corn on the cob were mushy, even gummy practically. The burgers looked unappetizing and reminded me of hospital cafeteria sandwiches. To top it all off, when I tried to salvage the meal by resorting to the usually edible standy of pepperoni pizza, there was none to be had. An employee behind the counter claimed there was one in the oven, but when I returned twice at intervals of a few minutes, it still hadn't shown up. The same employee then mumbled something unintelligible and vanished.

Dessert did not make up for the mediocrity (and I'm being generous here) of the entrees, either. Seeing as there was no cheesecake or pie to be found, I opted for what looked like apple crisp with a dish of ice cream. The former was not bad, until I got to the bottom of the serving and discovered a gummy, doughy paste that I could only surmise was supposed to be reminiscent of apple dumpling. This stuff I could barely stomach. And the ice cream tasted like the cheapest off-brand vanilla--you know, the stuff on the bottom shelf at Aldi's.

The above was a big let-down from my previous experience at MM, just a couple months previous. Definitely a disappointment.

I hoped to make up for lunch with dinner at Coasters--we wanted to be close to Celebration Plaza, so as to ensure good seating for Luminosity later. But, alas, the burger was Chuck E. Cheese-, even vending machine-, quality. I could only make myself eat half of the thing. The fries too, which had seemed so much better weeks ago over at The Round-Up, were back to their former starchy, bland selves.

I've thought about this a little bit since yesterday. I know that taste perception has a psychological component; that is to say, your mood or frame of mind can highly impact your experience of a meal. But it didn't jibe for me, as otherwise I'd been enjoying an absolutely marvelous day at the Point.

I'm at a loss to understand why the experiences varied so widely, when they were only separated by a few weeks. But I'm certainly not as keen on the supposed improvement of food offerings as I had been. Next time we'll head out for some Chet and Matt's.

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I probably eat at C&M's on 50% of my visits out there. I don't know who's in charge now, but I wonder if we're seeing the impact of the company shipping the foods guy to Kings Island (which some have said has improved this year).

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Yes, there were lots of happy comments about food improvements this year at Kings Island. I had the giant $7.50 chicken burrito myself (But I will not try the one at Canada's Wonderland, especially if it's hot out!), and it was very comparable to Chipotle. The fresh fruit and salads around the park were a welcome sight, and people were raving about the fresh Philly Cheesesteaks and better funnel cakes.

One thing that I've seen purely negative comments about are the new fresh, never frozen burgers -- even at Kings Island. My experience in May at CP Coasters was just like Mike's. An awful burger, and that was one of the most factory-formed patties I'd ever bitten into; it felt anything but fresh to me. They smell great cooking around the park though; maybe they're perfuming the air with "fresh burger scent" or something.

I know back from '06-'08 I usually got burgers back by Snake River Falls, as they always tasted the best in the park to me. I can't remember if they cooked them on that big grill or not, but they were pretty decent.

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Jeff said:

I probably eat at C&M's on 50% of my visits out there.

Ditto for me. Close to the park, fantastic menu and very reasonable prices. Plus I've never seen the staff be anything but friendly and helpful, so that's awesome too.

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