Cedar Point May 29-31

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I got to go to the park for about 3 days. Having been there before about 6 years ago I have found that really nothing has changed. I really like how Cedar Fair runs all of their rides. Not stacking very much and they really get the lines moving.

Anyways, I got a chance to ride Maverick 7 times while I was there. The average wait for me was about 30 minutes. Which was the longest wait that I did at Cedar Point. Very Awesome ride. Extreamly quick and intense.

Overall the park was just awesome. I really like how the park was ran. I noticed that alot of people were complaining about ttd though while I was there. I got to go on it 9 times my whole trip only waiting about 20 minutes. With only one little 10 minute breakdown. People were like it's never open and stuff like that. I found ttd to be more reliable then people put it out to be. At least when I was there.

Mag's was running one train but still an awesome ride. One of my favorites at that park :) Anyways, It was an awesome 3 day trip for me. Everything seemed to be running great. It was awesome.

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