Cedar Point, May 23-25

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Left Chicago at around 10am or so on Monday...yes I know a late start, I had some errands to run before I left. I drove fast, but arrived in Sandusky around 4:00pm, there was some heavy traffic on the turnpike. I checked into Breakers Express and headed to the park for a few hours. It was absolutely dead...I went through the Marina gate and hit MF right away - first ride ever, first time in park since 1995 . 15 minute wait. I then wandered a little bit before going on Iron Dragon (walk-on). Great ride, I caught a little more air than I expected on the first drop. Headed down the Wicked Twister Midway and caught a ride on MaXair. One cycle wait. Great ride, I loved the views, great speed and air. I then rode Wicked Twister (Walk-on), great ride. I took two spins on Raptor and one on Blue Streak to end the night (all walk-ons) and I went back to the Hotel happy.

Day 2

Woke up at 8, got to the Marina Gate around 8:40. Got in, quickly headed for MF and got on the first ride of the day in the front row, met a cool guy named John who was closing in on 500 rides on it, learned some cool things from him. They had the "special" gate open for two more cylces, so we all jumped right back on with no wait at all both times. All great rides. Next I went to Dragster, got a first row wait after a 15 min wait. Unbelieavable ride, much more intense than I expected. Next I got on Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Magnum (2x), Gemini, and Mean Streak, all zero train walk-on's. The crowds were looking good, and they sure turned out to be. This is probably because it rained for about an hour or so, starting at about 2pm, which drive many people out. The Crazy part of the day started around 7pm. MF was a walk-on for a solid hour. Yes, that's right a walk-on. Some trains were not even full. I got 10 rides on it in one hour. Absolutely amazing. I was expecting to wait at least 30 minutes per ride. I ended with 15 MF rides, along with rides on all the other coasters and a few MaXair Spins. Great day, ended with 32 total rides. Crowds were VERY light. Raptor was a walk on all day, as well as Magnum.

Day 3

Got to the Marina Gate at the same time and got on the first MF train dispatched again in the front row. Great ride once again, hopped back in line for a couple more cycles. This ride amazed me each time. Then I headed over to Dragster again, where I got on in 5 minutes because I was a single rider. I then hit the Turbo Drop side of Power Tower a couple times (walk-ons) and the Space Shot once. It must have been a special handicapped day, since there were probably more than a few hundred of them at the park being escorted by others in wheel chairs. The lines may have been slowed a little bit, but I didn't care since I was happy to see them have a good time. I got 7 rides on Dragster during the day (3 in front) and the line averaged about 25 to 30 minutes, queue never extended past first set of switchbacks. I made sure to get another ride on Raptor, Magnum, Gemini, and MaXair before I had to leave. Overall, slightly heavier crowds, but a great day nonetheless. Great weather.

Ride Totals

MF- 24
TTD - 10
Raptor - 4
Magnum - 4
MaXair - 4
Mean Streak - 2
Gemini - 3
Blue Streak - 2
Iron Dragon - 3
Power Tower - 5
CCMR - 1
Corkscrew - 2
Wicked Twister - 3
Others I can't remember...

Overall a great trip, I hope to plan another soon

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