Cedar Point May 20th!

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Friday, May 24, 2002 2:15 PM

Well we drove down from Michigan in the morning and arrived to a pretty uncrowded parking lot at 9:45. WT was running but MF didnt seem to be. We waited at the front gates in a crowd of people until 10:00. Well 10 came and went and people started to get a little annoyed with the unopened gates (one of the "gates" had lifted up though). Eventually it started to move, but not like a line really, everyone just moved forward but got no where. Some people were sort of yelling and stuff, but dont get me wrong it wasnt like a riot or anything. Around 10:20 we moved slowly through the gates and it seemed really unorganized. The only thing that bothered me was that we couldnt run to Wicked Twister as a bull pack.

The rest of the day was pretty good though! WT was only 15 min and I rode 4 times. The back seat is amazing, the drop on the back spike through the station is so fast as you know if youve ridden it!! Later in the afternoon it broke down from a mechanical problem. They must have turned the LIM's on a little bit and moved the train back and forth for some reason. I didnt know they could do that. People in line took it as an insult that the ride could have broken down (how can they do this to us!) and people were complaining around me. But that is one great ride to watch and ride, its funny seeing people watch the swaying spikes!

MF did end up being open when we got to it around 11. Yellow train sadly on the transfer track. The revival of MF from the offseason felt great! Hehe, a few fun things to try on it, ride in the back seat and turn around reaching youre hand behind the seat and look backwards down the first drop and turn! Its awesome lol! Then the even harder part is just turning back around in the seat!

I also looked at the strange footers. That is one big space and they are odly positioned. I looked around on the island when on MF for any construction signs, and I saw many big piles of dirt under the first island turn. What could that be for??

Disaster Transport: Mediocre. Themeing: Excellent!! I may not be an old timer which knows it from the past, but it sure lookes nice in there! The whole queue line area and repair bay looked great with working sci-fi instruments and noises. The ride was also enhanced with the spotted lighting around. I didnt buy the 3-d goggles has anyone used them?

Overall it was a great trip lines were short short!! I kept rideing Blue Streak in the back, and Raptor was barely 10 mins!! Magnum was also a walk on! It was cool the whole day, but was nice and sunny. Another great day at the Point!!

Saturday, May 25, 2002 8:14 AM

How many times did you ride Millenium Force?

I was there on that same day, and we got stuck on Disaster Transport for 20 minutes. Then when we got off they gave us these passes to get on the ride immediately, so we did it on Millenium Force. That was the third time I had ridden it, but I've never ridden more than once in one day. So how many times did you ride it?

Wednesday, May 29, 2002 11:20 AM
I rode three times, once using Freeway. If three trains had been running Id of ridden at least five probably.

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