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We are going to cedar point this weekend and I saw online where they have a max height restriction of 6'6" for some of their coasters. I am exactly 6'6" with shoes on. Do you guys think I will have any trouble with trying to ride these rides? I have longer legs and a shorter upper body if that helps.

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I am also 6'6", never had a problem or was even questioned about it at Cedar Point. Only place that has ever stopped and measured me was at Holiday World for Thunder Bird.

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Rye Playland is the park with the height restrictions all over the place.

AFAIK, outside of that park, it seems like the invert shuttles (Vekoma and Intamin) are the ones with 6'6' limits.....other than the obvious kiddie rides.

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I am also 6'6" and the only Cedar Point coaster I've ever had my height questioned was Millennium Force in 2011 or 2012. Never before, and never since. There was no pole I had to stand by or anything of that nature. It was a simple, "Sir, are you over 78 inches tall?" and a quick reply of "No, I am 78 inches tall."

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Plum said:

We are going to cedar point this weekend and I saw online where they have a max height restriction of 6'6" for some of their coasters. I am exactly 6'6" with shoes on. Do you guys think I will have any trouble with trying to ride these rides? I have longer legs and a shorter upper body if that helps.

I am 6'6" as well and the only ride I am questioned on, nearly each time, is Gatekeeper. Yet to be "denied" on anything though. One time the ride op did make me take my shoes off though, and of course, it was rainy and the platform was a bit moist so then I had wet sock... Bummer.

Funny thing is, my foot comes close to nothing on Gatekeeper yet they are the most strict with height. However, there is another, unnamed coaster at CP that my foot hit has hit something during the ride which scared the hell out of me. Yet no maximum height noted. For a second thought my foot was going to go bye bye, that was scary... I am sure to lift my foot now when at that portion of the ride in a select row ;)

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The last couple of seasons there has been a sticker in the Millennium Force station near the turnstile indicating you must be shorter than "this" to ride. Although I have seen some pretty tall people ride.

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This whole max height thing is stupid anyway, because why would should your total height matter anyway? You're sitting down on almost all rides....maybe you've got long legs.

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The taller you are, the longer your legs are. It's a proxy measurement.

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From my experience (especially with OTSR) its more about sitting in the train comfortably. With the old school OTSR my shoulders are pinned so tight against the bars it actually hurts alot.. This was especially true when riding Maverick with the old restraints, rock n rollercoaster and even Thunder Bird. On rock n roller coaster they always double check mine at the second stop before launch because it sticks out at about a 40 degree angle, same with Thunder Bird.

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If your torso is too long you won't fit under some OTSRs.

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I don’t understand why any rides like that (with restrictive OTSR’s) have a hard-and-fast max height limit. Overall (standing) height is no better an indicator of torso height than waist size is an indicator of whether a lap bar will come down far enough. If your shoulders fit in the test seat, you should be able to ride.

I’m 6’3”, and I’ve never had an issue with height at Cedar Point. The only place I’ve ever been turned away from a ride is Six Flags New England, although I’ve been measured many times at various parks.

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As with any restriction they have monetary somewhere. I assume they've done their research.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I'm 6'7" and had never been prevented from riding a coaster due to a height limit, so I didn't think to check for one at CP. My son is 5'5" so he doesn't need to check anymore either, so we never look at height restrictions.

We went today for the first time and rode Millenium Force and Wicked Twister in the morning. I wasn't stopped for a height check.

It was starting to get busy, so we bought the fast lane plus passes. We ate lunch and then went to Gatekeeper and I was pulled out of the line right before getting in the coaster. The operator didn't ask my height, he just asked me to stand at the cutoff sign (that I hadn't noticed) for a measurement and politely let me know I had to exit.

I didn't think to check all the rides as I assumed it was just an issue for Gatekeeper. We then went to Maverick and they pulled me out of the coaster right as everyone was buckling. They asked me to stand by the sign and my son said I was slightly over the mark but they let me ride anyway.

We went back to Millenium Force and this time I was denied at the first gate. I then noticed the sign. My son stayed to ride it and I went to Rougarou and didn't see a sign posted at the first gate. An operator stopped me at the second gate and said it was posted at the first gate. I went back and saw that the height limit is posted out of sight and on the BACK of the restriction sign, not the front. I then decided to check the brochure to see which rides had the limit.

The height limit signs are posted on Millenium Force, Dragster, Gatekeeper, Maverick, Wicked Twisted, and Rougarou. They are small and aren't as obvious as the minimum height signs. If you're looking for them you will notice them. But you may not otherwise. I randomly asked a few other people during the day and they didn't know some rides had a max height limit.

Funny thing about this is that I wasn't stopped on a ride until after we decided to buy the fast lane pass. Immediately after that is when they started checking my height. After I was denied on three coasters, I went back to guest services and explained how the plus pass was almost worthless since I wasn't eligible to ride 3 of the 4 rides it gets you - even though they had already let me ride 2 of them. So they refunded the difference and gave me some passes to ride Valravn with my son who still had his plus pass.

They told me that they don't set the restrictions. The coaster manufacturers set them. They were polite about it and handled the issue to mybsatisfaction.

The only rides I really had an issue with due to my height were ones that didn't have a limit: Valravn and Corkscrew. Valravn has a staircase on the left side during the initial climb that my foot could hit if I'm in the front row and have it all the way down. That almost happened but I quickly raised it. Corkscrew is not designed for someone with my torso height (which is only 18" and typically a medium according to backpack manufacturers). Corkscrew is really uncomfortable once I'm locked in. I bet many people have the same issue on it. It is also one of the roughest steel coasters I've ridden.

We ended up riding 20+ coasters today due to the fast lane pass and could've ridden more but did other things with my wife and younger son. Despite the height limit, I still had a great time riding Valravn and Raptor many times - and also the coasters I wasn't supposed to ride.

The height limit is a general restriction and doesn't really prevent injury at a limit of 6'6". The two coasters I mentioned that don't have a limit proved to be more dangerous to me than those that did have a limit. But it is easier and quicker to measure height than torso or legs so I'm sure that is why they do it.

Buying cars and riding coasters at CP are the only times I've ever felt to be at a disadvantage due to my height.

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At least the park granted you a refund for your FL+. It was the first thing that crossed my mind as I was reading your story.

Bummer. Now what are you gonna do? Negative heel shoes? Develop osteoporosis? I struggle with a size issue myself, but mine is clearly more a circumference issue than a vertical one. At least I can do something about it when I set my mind to it. You're in a different boat.

This is really unfortunate, if true. I'm 6'5" and have rarely had problems on rides. Corkscrew and Blue Streak can be tight. Magnum downright hurts the knees, but I ride it anyway 'cuz it's great. I couldn't ride Maverick with the old restraints, but have no issues with the new ones. Millennium Force did seem like a tight squeeze last time I went (a few years ago), but I still rode it 'cuz it's freakin' Millennium Force. I'm going in about 5 weeks and hope I can squeeze through without notice. But it's weird they're just enforcing things now. I've been riding for decades without incident. (Did have a ride attendant ask how tall I was today before getting on Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure. I told him 6'5" and he mentioned it to another guy who said 6'7" was the limit and I'd be okay. Didn't see any signage though to indicate there was a restriction ...)

Edit: Maybe not so weird they're just enforcing things now. Saw this on the website "We are required by the State of Ohio to enforce all manufacturer requirements." So the state probably decided to make a big deal out of it this year or have started doing random stings in order to increase revenue. Stupid government.

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