Cedar Point looking for Culinary Manager

From the Sandusky Register classifieds:


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Link goes nowhere for me.

That said, they shipped their foods guy down to Kings Island. Given what I know about him, he seemed to have a real knack for better food experiences (as anyone who did the haunt dinner, or enjoyed the desserts at BooBuzz knows). If that's what they see in him, and they're sincere about some real dining options at KI, it was absolutely the right move.

My only hope is that the replacement pays as much attention to food quality. Even the basics have improved at CP, but there is a lot of work left to be done in terms of process, which is generally too slow to handle the volume at the typical counter service location.

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Is this Gary or Brian being moved to Kings Island? Either way, a great thing for KI to be sure.

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A very encouraging sign for Kings Island's food indeed. Perhaps this will finally mean the return of the International Restaurant sometime soon. I'm not sure what issues the facility has that are so insurmountable.

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As I understand it, stairs for one (both to get into it and to get through it); total capacity for another. I wonder if it lacks even a service elevator for stocking the place.

I think it is a good location for a restaurant, but it's poorly sized, and not well laid out. I wonder if the park has considered doing a complete overhaul of the building, or better yet a complete rework of the entire front gate plaza, especially since they did away with all the ticket booths. Still, the first floor of that building, in all its 1970's glory, is a pretty busy place, as it houses season pass operations, ticket sales, customer service, two gift shops and at least four restrooms. And who knows what all else is on the South end.

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Heh. Culinary Manager sounds like an overly descriptive job title for the person who monitors and refills the buffet bar.

It sounds more dignified than Sneeze Guard Wiper.

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A chain with Knott's Chicken restaurant in the fold should not have quality issues...EVER! My 2 cents...

Call me a heretic, but I don't get Knotts chicken. I've tried it three different times, and not been wildly impressed. Don't get me wrong, it's good...but it's not the best I've had. Frankly, I'll take a bucket of KFC original recipe.

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I love KFC original. Unfortunately I can't eat it anymore because it goes through my digestive system faster than fiber optic data transfer.

Guess I found my bran muffin alternative.

And yeah, I said fiber. It all fits.

Mrs. Knotts is really old school when it comes to fried chicken. Light on the spices unlike the hopped up chicken sold by the major chains, it has a strong following in SoCal. It's said that the general public now has a taste for a lot more "heat" in their food than fifty years ago, which I'm inclined to agree with. I've noticed this in not only fried chicken but pizza as well. The influx of people from cultures that cook with a hotter pallet than previous generations has crept into the taste buds of today's diners.

Glad you finally got that muffin, Vater. Proof those Internet petititions do pay off.

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