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In case you didnt know from some of my previous topics, this roadtrip was a present for my sweet 16 four months ago. And now we continue our scedualed program.

Well, I finally have done it. As of now I've been to one of the greatest parks in the world and lived to tell the tale. I may not have to that many other parks (PKI my homepark, went to Silver Dollar City year before Wildfire, Coney Island Ohio, and SFFT before SKC) but CP was by far the greatest experience of my life!

After my 4 hour drive, me and my dad finally arived. I was speechless to finally see all those famouse rides right in front of me for the first time. Then we drove over to Hotel Breakers where we would stay, touring the outermost rides of the park in the process. Our room had an incredible view of Magnum, MF, and the non operating TTD.

After we set up our room, we finally got to the park. Entering by Magnum, we imedeatly rode the first coaster we could find: Magnum. This was the first time my dad would supprise me cuz he suggested it as a warmup before me, while I was thinking Gemini cuz it wouldnt startle him too much. But if he wanted to start out with the worlds first hyper, it was fine by me. We got on after a 15 minute wait and our first ride had begun. It was fun and I loved the pretzel loop when dad suddenly yelled "YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!!"

Then we went to Gemini. Unfortunatly, the red train wasnt running (there was a train stuck in the MIDDLE of the helix) but it was still enjoyable. After that we continued our trip to Mean Streak, the ride designed by someone my dad once knew (dont ask how...)

Turns out that dad's aquaintance, Curtis D. Summers, did a good job on that thing. It was fast, furious, and most importantly, twisted. Not sure if it compares to SoB, but I dont think anything can...

Then we caught tha nearby train out of frontier town. The little bonetown thing was cute, but I was distracted by all the rides we past. Once we got off, we got on a quick coaster before dinner, Iron Dragon. It's quite a clever ride zipping "Over the river, through the woods, and under the Mantis (you will go)" as the ride op sometimes said during dispatch. I especially liked that finale into the mist.

Next we decided it was time for dinner, so we searched for Silver Dollar, a place recommended at one of the many sites I viewed while planning the trip. It was a nice sitdawn resteraunt, but I was forced to get chili cuz the orthodontis had recently done something to my braces, making my teeth sore. If you go there, try to sit on the elevated level, it sits right next to the Raptor's finale.

After dinner, we went to the little car ride and Cedar Downs to digest before hitting the coasters again. Then we hit Blue Streak as a warmup for Raptor. I thought it would be nothing untill I realized it has a ton of airtime...need I say more?

Well, after the floating ride... I mean Blue Streak, we got in line for my first B&M intverted coaster:Raptor. Like almost everything else I rode that day, the wait was about 15 minutes long. The ride itself was amazing... it jerks you around and zips you through its many twists, turns, and loops. We got an onride where you can see the Gs in my face and my dad struggleing to smile.

When we finished that experience, it started too get late. So we headed to the Force, and hoped to find one of the coasters in that area before the light show. All of them but MF were closed or broken. I suggested to wait thos 20 minutes for the show cuz the line looked long, but dad insisted on riding it that night. Cant argue with that logic...

During the 45 minute wait I was amazed. There was some dancing light paterns on the lift hill, the show went on right behind us, and some of the fireworks were timed perfectly so the train would creast that final overbanked turn right as they shot up behind it. At about 10:20, it was finally our turn. We were both scared senceless until we got over the big drop, then we had the greatest time of our lives. Almost exactly 12 hours later, after spending the night in our room, we did it agian with almost the same line length! That time we sat front seat of the second car, and got our photo taken of us doing our Dr. Evil impressions.

After riding the Force our second time in 12 hours, we headed over to Mantis. Waiting in the 45 minute line, I was reminded of my demolished favorite, King Cobra *sobs over it being gone*. It was a great ride where tossed around and became weightless during the inversions.

Then we headed for Wildcat, but it got stuck on one of the turnarounds. So we took a second trip on the Dragon while we waited for it to be fixed. We got off to see some security guy fix the problem by pushing the car. After a few test runs and a conference, the cat opened up and let us on for one of the first rides. Enjoyable and jerky, dad said it reminded him of the wildmouse.

Next we headed for the section of the park we hadnt toutched yet and rode Disaster Transport. The theming was a bit off, but it was a good dark coaster, although no where close to Outer Limits. We got off DT and saw the watershow. It was...strange.

After the show, we grabed a bite to eat. My braces were getting better, but I struggled with my soft pizza. Then we headed back to the boardwalk and rode Wicked Twister, digesting our meals in the process. It was awesome.

Next we headed back to MF to pick up the stuff we left in the locker, stopping to get me a Fearsome Five shirt on the way. We then took the train back to Frontiertown and took another spin on Meanstreak. It was alot bumpier in the back then near the front.

After that dad needed to cool down from the Mean Streak, so we hit the mine ride to cool down. It was pretty smooth if you dont count those bumps that they snuck on to this ride...

Then we crossed the park to my last ride: Corkscrew. Dad couldnt ride it cuz he had the backpack, so he took a few minutes to take sime suvinier photos while I waited. But it was a walk on for the back so I helped myself to a reride in the front while I waited for him. That thing is better than it looks...it loads fast, has a hill that litteraly floats you to the loop, and spirals you over the crowd.

After the screw, it was time to say goodbye... after a few more shots with me in them, we left the park.
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It was fun and I loved the pretzel loop when dad suddenly yelled "YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!!"....

Were you joking about the pretzel loop?...i couldnt tell

I'm guessing he meant the pretzel turnaround.

Check out this awesome park!http://games.coasterbuzz.com/filedetail.aspx?GameFileID=3001

God I just love seeing the joy in peoples Trip Reports after their first time at Cedar Point. I'm really glad you had a wonderful time and hope you get to go back again soon.

Intamin, the cadillac of roller coasters.


Me too! I just hope TTD will be running next time...

Next time you go, you should try riding the Force in the very first car. It adds a little extra wait time but the ride is so much better. Magnum is really fun in the ejector seat because it gives tons of air time. Those rides are already really good but these seats make them amazing.

Riding on top of the world with Cedar Point

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