Cedar Point lighthouse.

I was doing some research on the history of the peninsula that CP sits on and was reading about the 1862 lighthouse that sits on the current site of Lighthouse Point.

I really never saw a lighthouse that had a house built around it. Kind of cool.

Since they re-habbed it, is it used as the office for Lighthouse point? Are you allowed to tour the house that surrounds the light tower? If anyone has any indoor pics of this lighthouse, please provide a link because I can't seem to find any.

Heads up to Mamoosh: I searched and only found outer pics of it so back off. :)

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The Great Lakes lighthouse commonly were built as part of a house There had to be a house at least very near it like at Marblehead. The keeper had to stay somewhere as whale oil only burned for so before needing replenished.

The Presque Isle light right next to Waldameer is another example of a lighthouse with keepers house included.


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On one of my days off from CP, I took a drive out to visit Marblehead. It has a really cool view of CP.

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I've never given it a good look when I've stayed there (because I generally ask for a cottage closer to the other end), but I don't think it's used for anything other than decoration next to the pool (see bird's eye view).

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Chitown there are a two other lighthouses close by Cedar Point. One in Huron about 15 minutes east of CP that you can walk out to. Take some comfortable shoes. And there is a lighthouse is Lorrain that can only be viewed from the shore (about 45 minutes east of CP). However, there is a very cool little town called Vermillion between Huron & Lorrain. There is a great little diner called Main St Grill (very cheap about $13 for two lunches), the Great Lakes Inland Museum, and great mom & pop ice cream shop. *** Edited 5/26/2008 8:58:07 PM UTC by MotorCityCoasterFan***
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There is also another light house at cedar point. Its by the Mantis. You know why they call it a light house.... because it has 2/3rds less fat than regular lighthouses. Im sorry...I like paddlewheel excursions a little too much.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

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