Cedar Point, June 21st.

It was definitely a good day at the park. I was also with a first timer so bear with me here. It was a bit on the crowded side but the weather was good. Got to the park around 10:15 and went to Blue Streak first. I thought it would be good for a first timer. A nice, easier coaster. We waited about 15-20 minutes and had a great ride. What awesome air time. BS is a true gem in the park. Next we went over to DT and waited about 15 for that too. Good ride, air conditioning was running, and I actually saw SOME theming throughout the ride...

Next we took Sky Ride over to the Iron Dragon midway. So the newb we were with didn't even want to go on ID. We had to like force him on it. We're like, if you can do Blue Streak, you can do Iron Dragon. So he went on and we waited maybe like 10 minutes. Next we took the train over to Frontier Town. We ate at The Roundup next to Maverick and for two water bottles, a chicken tender basket, and a burger basket, it costed us like $23.95. It was a stupid decision to get water bottles. Why we didn't get the free cups of ice water? Don't ask. We could of saved us 6 bucks. Anyways, I was a little disappointed with the size of the basket as in previous years they give you a much more generous portion of fries. The food was good and the service was good (surprisingly). After finishing the meal it ended up being a fine portion in my opinion I guess, because I was stuffed afterwards.

So next we rode Mine Ride. The newb didn't want to go so I rode alone while the other two waited behind. Good ride, a little jerky, and waited like 5-10 minutes. Next we all rode the Antique Cars. Waited about 5 minutes. Next I rode Thunder Canyon alone. Pretty much a walk on and oh yes, there was a dead fish in our boat! A small one, but hey they do pump that Lake Erie water into the ride.

Next I wanted to try out Mean Streak for the first time this year. I again, was a single rider. Line was at the bottom of the stairs, only because they were using two trains of course. I had high hopes this time around because people were cheering very loud after the ride. The crew was great, but the ride pretty much sucked. My bones were literally shaking throughout the ride. Ouch! Everyone else on my train seemed to enjoy though... Oh well.

Next we walked over to Paddlewheel because I wanted a nice relaxing ride after riding MS. Closed, I found that odd. So we went over to TTD and I of course rode alone. Waited for a little over an hour with a breakdown in between. Next we walked back over to Paddlewheel and it was running. Love this ride. Saw STR and it was well, down. We saw some workers while riding and yelled asking what they were doing. They were with some suit and they yelled back that they were working on the ride. God only knows, if the thing will ever open.

Next we did the Snoopy Ice Show. Before hand I got a pretzel at the gourmet pretzel stand. A cinnamon sugar one for $4.85 or something like that. The show was good. A must see for sure! Next I did Magnum (alone). 20 minute wait and as usual, so awesome! Next we walked over to MF and I again went alone. Millennium was about an hour wait. Awesome ride. Sat in the back and had my glasses in my shirt and they flew right out! That sucked. The lady in front of me lost hers too. We then ended the day with a great meal at Famous Dave's.

The end.:)

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Just curious, what did your newbie friend do for the 2/3 of the day you were riding alone? :)

Yeah, Mean Squeak is a nasty son of a beast. If you have to ride it, try the very front seat leaning forward a little. Not rough at all there.

Where did you sit on Blue Streak? I've really grown to love this ride this year. My "magic seat" is the middle row of the last car (and the same goes for Magnum, Gemini, Mine Ride... any of 'em that have 3 rows per car). Such great airtime, and not quite as jerky as other seats since it's off the axle.

I stopped at the park that day almost as an afterthought since I was already on Route 2... got in at 8 p.m., rode 6 coasters and 3 flats. (Mind you I got in the Millie line just before 10:00, and waited at the exit ramp to fill the final train of Dragster around 10:30.)

Sounds like you had a fulfilling day! Famous Dave's is always a nice way to close things off.

So, like, was Disaster Transport, like, super awesome or what?

How nice were your glasses? A cheap Walmart pair or something better? Can't imagine you thought just sticking them in your shirt would work, especially with non-riders in tow!?!

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I always promiss myself that I will not ride Mean Streak every time I go to the park, but, the no wait in line thing always suckers me in, and then I regret it the rest of the day. they should rename it "Suck Streak."

I also agree that Blue Streak is a nice little coaster. If you sit right in the front, there are some great pops of air, and it was a lot smoother the last time I rode it. I find that if you sit in a middle seat in each car, the ride is even smoother.

I don't care for Disaster Transport or the Mine ride, they are nothing special, short and kind of boring. Unless the ride is a walk-on i'm going to skip them. The Mine ride seems like it has not had track work in decades, it's very bumpy, and uncompfortable to ride.

As for Shoot The Rapids, I am not that surprised that it isn't open yet. They seem to have a problem with every new ride they get. Top Thrill Dragster was basically a lawn decoration the first year it opened, yet they still raked in the bucks on people's anticipation that it would be. Makes you wonder if they are stalling until the ride is paid for. They are certainly advertising the crap out of it, even though it's still closed.

Funny thing I noticed. The Cedar Point and Michigan's Adventure commercials both use the first drop on Shivering Timbers in their ads, with the front of the train a solid color thinking nobody will notice, also They use Thunder Canyon to advertise Grand Rapids at MIchigan's Adventure, as Grand Rapids rafts do not have individual seating. In the TV ad it does.

Anyone else notice? Also the theme songs for both parks are pretty much the same. Talk about cutting costs!!

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tigellinus said:
How nice were your glasses? A cheap Walmart pair or something better? Can't imagine you thought just sticking them in your shirt would work, especially with non-riders in tow!?!

I lost a brand new hat on the loggers run at Michigan's Adventure. I didn't think wearing it during the slow parts of the ride would matter, a big wind came along, and splash! There goes my hat down the trough and gone. I should have known better.

The worst I saw was at Great America. This guy was wearing one of those plush Daffy Duck hats, and he refused to take it off while riding the Viper. Well, he took it off in the station, and then put it back on going up the lift hill. Needless to say, Daffy flew away on the first drop, never to be seen again.

He tried to get the ops to go get it for him, and he pretty much got bitched out by the girl he was talking to. She told him if he wanted his hat, he would have to come back in the morning to get it, or wait until the park closed. That's why they have loose article bins. He refused to leave until he got his hat, security came and removed him. I don't think he got his hat.

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