Cedar Point, June 15th!

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It was definetly a great day at the park! The weather was perfect. It was 76 and sunny.

So we get to the park around 10:15 and there was a big crowd at the front entrance which I was not expecting. We went straight to the season pass center to get my pass processed. It took about 5 minutes with a few others in line. We enter the park and are ready to ride. First we hit up Sky Ride and that is a 10 minute wait, so we take that over to ID and WC. We ride ID and didn't feel like waiting for WC so we take the train to Frontier Town. We noticed Maverick was down, so went over to MS. As we are in line we notice a lot of people leaving the line so we ask what was wrong and I guess a train got stuck on the lift. We get out of line and notice Maverick is running so we run straight there. Everyone else did the same thing. We waited for maybe 45 minutes because the line was totally empty since the ride was down and we beat the crowd because we ran over. It sure did get long later. The ride was awesome as usual.

After Maverick we decide to go eat lunch, so we ate at The Roundup next to Maverick. I got a chicken finger basket and a pop and that total came to around $12. It was expensive but it was at least good and we got a good amount of food. Lots of fries and like 4 big chicken strips.

Next up was Thunder Canyon. It was pretty much a walk on. Maybe waited a couple minutes. I of course got totally soaked unlike the others in my boat. After the ride I made a very stupid decision. I bought a towel to dry off for $8 when I should have used the Haystack Dryer for $5 and could have gotten more dry. After we decide to ride CCMR. It was a fun ride. We waited for about 15 minutes. We then head over to Gemini and they were running both sides and we waited about 15 minutes. Then we decided to ride Paddlewheel. It was the same old ride and took a look at the construction. There was pretty much nothing going on.

After that we walk over to DT and waited about a half hour. As we enter the train they make us exit because of some problem. So yes, we waited. Can you believe it? Everyone else left while a few others and us waited like a half hour (don't ask why). We finally got on and it was good. I saw people bought the 3D glasses and I was like those poor people! After DT we rode the Cadillac Cars and then the Bumper Cars. Then we decided to ride ID one more time before we met everyone else at Famous Dave's. Dinner was very good. I love those ribs! Then after dinner we saw the Soopy Ice Show at 6 and then headed over to MF for an excellent ride on that. We waited about an hour. After that all I wanted left to ride was Magnum and TTD, but everyone else was tired and wanted to leave so we skipped those two rides.

I'll be back though to ride those another time, but I did really want to ride both of those great coasters.

Oh and the bugs are SO bad. They just swarm all over you. When we went under the bridge on the Cadillac cars they SWARMED us. It was terrible. They were a huge pain.

Great day other than the bugs and the minor breakdowns!

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It sounds like the park has gotten a lot busier. Good for CP but bad if you want to get a bunch of rides in. Next time you go, get there for the ERT at 9:00 am. This way you can get at least 2 of the big coasters in before the park opens to the GP. I also like to park at the Soak City parking lot which will save you a good 10 minutes of walking to get to Maverick.

I am glad you had a great day with more to come.

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