Cedar Point July 8, 2010

My summer has been plentiful with roller coasters from my travels to Lakemont, Kings Dominion, and Cedar Point with Kennywood in the plans in a couple weeks and weekly rides on the Ravine Flyer II. Anyways, Thursday July 8th was the day for Cedar Point, and in all honesty despite the rain at 9:00 pm cutting the day short, I was able to get a complete experience. The weather was HOT, above 90 pretty much all day.

Upon arrival, at 10:00am I bathed in sunscreen and made my trek to Magnum in order to get some walk-on coasters to start. Boy was I wrong. Magnum was stagnant, no testing and little activity, I was mad my second favorite coaster couldn't start my day. Gemini had one side and seemed to take the brunt of guests upset with other coasters not ready on time. Mean Streak finally was a walk-on. My rant about operations will continue later so here is the rest of my comments on coasters and rides.

Best of the rest coasters. Mantis was decent, but I still think floorless or even standard seats suit the excellent layout better (7/10). Gemini was better than I remember, but I wish it was "wooden" (8/10). Wicked Twister was average (6/10). Corkscrew rearranged my spine (2/10). Power Tower was lame, in which Xscream at Waldameer is more forceful (3/10). Maxair is arguably one of the best non-coasters (9/10). Cedar Downs was a hidden gem, great blast from the past (7/10).

Millenium Force was the highlight of the day. Previous rides have been of the good, not great category. However, I found the back seat with a short wait, so I hoped for a more forceful experience. I know the front is claimed as the greatest, but it's silly to wait in that line, so the back takes the cake. What a ride! Got some airtime, and experienced some good positive g's. Back to the top of my steel coasters (10/10).

Magnum was running great as usual once it opened with the line at the bottom of the stairs (can't complain about missing a walk-on). Every park needs an out-and-back filled with good old fashion airtime! I wanted to slap some general public claiming the ride sucked with no loops! (9.5/10)

Maverick was great, but seems to be slipping in some areas. For one, the head banging seems to be more of a problem than previous experiences. I know in my I-305 review I used Maverick as the good example of quick turns but now I’m skeptical. Second those trims at the end of the launch are really starting to bother me. Still a fun ride though! (9/10 from 10/10 previous).

Top Thrill Dragster has the shortest line I have personally encountered. Only 30 min tops, what it always should be considering the ride itself. I love the rush, but the ride is too brief. More of a thrill ride than a coaster experience to me (7/10).

Mean Streak was simply awful. Last year it seemed improved, but the square wheels have since been reinstalled. It shuffled, shook, jerked, and crept its way through the course. I don't blame the trains or maintenance, because I believe that wooden coaster technology at the time wasn't ready for a coaster of its size. Torch it (2/10).

Raptor had a short line for a change and that was a pleasant surprise for my favorite invert. From the perfectly executed inversions to the awesome helix finale, Raptor remains a favorite of mine (9/10).

Blue Streak deserves more love than it gets. Secluded by park expansion, and having the entrance shoved in an alley behind a building the coaster barely gets the time of day from the general public. I know there are headrests and seat dividers, but the ride is still great. Decent airtime and not extremely rough at all. One of those rides that just keeps you smiling. Also, props for the LED running lights! (8.5/10).

General observations of the park. The pressure washed midways are hysterical. When you do a job, do it right! Many coasters were slow to wake up it seemed. Magnum, Maverick, and Dragster took some time to get running. In addition, I noticed roped off seats on Magnum, Wicked Twister, Corkscrew, and Raptor (most I ever saw). Lastly, I find it hysterical that people will wait for rides like Maverick and Dragster to open when most other rides are boasting short waits.

Overall, great day at Cedar Point. My observations are my observant nit-picking when in all actuality Cedar Point blows many other parks out of the water. On a side note Shoot the Rapids was an hour wait in which I passed, because I don't wait that long for log flumes. Besides it operated on and off before it shut down completely in the early evening.

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Just a few quick comments.

It is nice to see someone else who agrees with me about Mean Streak. It never has more than a 5 minute wait, and, it absolutely sucks. They should have a nurse and a dentist at he exit to check for damages after that ride. And, it is too bad, because it used to be a very good coaster, they just don't want to spend money to keep it running like they should.

As for your comment about Blue Streak. It is a good thing that the GP seems to avoid it at it's location, because it gives those of us who appreciate it a short wait in line and repeat rides. but, don't be fooled. I have seen the line over an hour. It just depends on what time of the day it is. As most people make a mad dash for the back of the park, and then work their way to the front. Raptor usually starts the day with a huge line, and ends with 15 minute waits.

The only other thing I kind of disagree on is Max Air. I don't think it's that great at all. The ride is very short, and the spinning seems slow for a thrill ride. I enjoy rides like chaos, Power Tower, and Skyhawk more. And, have been on better carnival rides.

I also agree on Top Thrill Dragster, it seems more like a thrill ride than a coaster. But, it would probably be labled the best thrill ride on the planet if we wanted to call it that. I love Top Thrill Dragster! One of the best rides in the park.

Also M-Force and Magnum. Very good coasters. Mantis not so much, and Raptor is also my favorite invert. And, I also agree that Cedar Downs is a great historic ride, wish there was more of them.

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