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I'm really wanting to go to cedar point next week, and I was wondering how busy July 5th normally is. Being the day after the 4th, I would think it would be pretty slow, people will go for the weekend, and have to be back to work on Monday. Is this a good assumption, or is it normally pretty packed.

P.S. I understand that "busy" is a relative term, just give me an idea of line length for the coasters.

If I remember correctly, Mondays are normally one of their busier days of the week. I think a lot of people make that assumption, "It's Monday, everyone is back to work, it'll be dead."

I haven't gone to Cedar Point durning actual summer months in a few years, but when I did go, it always seemed like Thursday was the "slowest."

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Holidays don't affect attendance much.

Busiest to Slowest IMO

Saturday - Sunday - Friday - Monday - The rest are about the same.

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Don't most people have July 5th off since the 4th is a Sunday?


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I personally would NOT EVEN think about going on the 5th of July!!

One would have to be crazy to go on that day. Only way I would ever go, it that was the only day I could possibly go out of the whole summer!

Yes, almost every Ohioan has off on that Monday.

I am also hearing about a TON of people going to Cedar Point on Monday July 5th...and when I start hearing about a ton of people on a certain day going to Cedar Point....it's usually not a good day to go.

Now what to do if I HAD to go that day:
1) stay on point property. or have season pass to get in early. I MUST get in one hour early to avoid the really really mass amount of people going to be their. I think CP might already be sold out though...I heard rumors of this.
2) Go opposite flow of the park. Hit Meanstreak 1st (assuming you don't get in early) Then work your way to the front.
3) Don't ride any BIG rides in the middle of the afternoon...hit up some shows.
4) Eat before you get into the park to hold off having to wait for food during peak lunch times.
5) The crowds at CP usually die down around 7PM (at least they have most of the year so far) Big rides usually stay busy but the smaller ones the wait goes way down.
6) Also if you hit the back of the park late at night the lines will be way down, since the crowds are headed back to the front.
7) Remember lines all stay open right up until the park closes at night. So plan accordingly. (some of the smaller rides might close down slightly before closing.)

Have fun...And good luck. The weather is suppose to be nice...which is also bad when they are already calling for nice weather so Ohioans and the world make plans.


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We are spending both July 4th & 5th in Canada.
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One thing that will help if you on the 5th. Mentally expect huge crowds. This way if they happen it's OK, if not your day will be that much better. One of the worst days I have had at CP I was expecting a light crowd when in fact it was pretty packed. It wasn't the parks fault, it was mine for expecting to be able to get a ton of rides in.

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Yeah, my first visit was on a Tuesday in August. I figured it wouldn't be that bad, and the park was PACKED. Even the people working didn't understand why it was so busy that particular day. Got everything but Wildcat, but I waited in lines and only rode 16 total rides that day?

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I went to Cedar Point July 4-6 of 2007 and it was moderately crowded. July 4th fell on a Wednesday that year so we were there Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The crowds steadily got bigger each day we were there. Since the 4th falls on a Sunday this year most people will have Monday the 5th off so I would say it would be a busy day. Like others have said go to the park expecting it to be crowded.

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Hmmmm it really surprises me you guys saying people will have July the 5th off. I have never had a job where I get the day after a holiday off. I am apparently not in the right line or work lol

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Any mon-fri 9-5 (or similiar) job I've ever had has had a monday following a holiday or a friday previous to a holiday off. Heck, I get 2.5 days off for Xmas, and since it's on a weekend, I get like 4.5 days off in a row.

If you lived in WV, you'd get Friday off to mourn Robert C. Byrd this week to make it a 4 day weekend too (State and some county employees).

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

My family is from West Virginia, and I had heard that some people were giving an extra day for that.

Another reason in particular to expect people to have the 5th off is that people almost always get the 4th off when it falls during the week. People would absolutely bitch a fit if every few years they got one less paid holiday just because the actual holiday happened to fall on a weekend. Solution? You get Friday or Monday off as a paid holiday. That's how we do it here anyway...

I'd also expect CP to be slammed on the 5th. The very next day, however, could be quite nice.


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Yep, same here. If it were on a weekday we'd have July 4th off, but if it falls on a Saturday we get Friday off, or Monday for a Sunday.

I might be at CP on the 5th, but mainly to ride Shoot the Rapids and other water rides. I've been there twice in the last few weeks and have done plenty of coastering, so I won't be disappointed if it's crowded and we don't do much more than that.

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B&M_Fan said:
Hmmmm it really surprises me you guys saying people will have July the 5th off. I have never had a job where I get the day after a holiday off.

You note that pretty much every calendar on earth will list the 5th as "Independence Day (Observed)"

Isn't it pretty much understood that federal holidays landing on the weekend are observed on a weekday? (usually the Friday before or Monday after)

The government even lists Independence Day as July 5th and Christmas Day as December 24th for this very reason.

Now, whether you get federal holidays off or not is an entirely different story... :)

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Just another benefit of service-industry jobs (fast food, retail, hotels, restaurants) is that along with low pay and substandard benefits....you get to work nights, weekends, and holidays.

"Working 9 to 5"....does have its perks... :)

bill, wondering if this didn't belong in the Dolly thread... ;)

Since I work 4 10 hour shifts in a week. I get to observe the 4th on a Tuesday and get a 4 day weekend. My work shift consists of getting off Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I wish more American businesses would embrace the 4 day 10 hour shift model.

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